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A strange energy that has permeated the Kanjohto Region since the disasters seems to be having an effect on all the Pokémon in the region, imbuing them with raw evolutionary energy never seen before. Researchers have noticed that certain Pokémon have begun to evolve at earlier levels or in response to previously unknown stimuli. The following list contains all of the altered evolution methods currently known and an overview of known evolutionary methods.

General Evolution
Evolution can be triggered at any time as long as the necessary criteria for evolution are met. If your Pokémon has met its evolution criteria and you wish to wait for it to evolve, you may choose to keep it in its form until you are ready to evolve it. It does not need to meet the criteria a second time (i.e. level up again, be traded again) to evolve once it has met it; you may evolve a Pokémon at any time beyond that point. Holding an Everstone will prevent evolution, though it is not needed to prevent evolution.

Most Pokémon evolve by reaching a certain level. Once your Pokémon has reached the level required, it can evolve whenever you wish.
Due to the relatively high evolution level of certain Pokémon and the difference in leveling speed between Wild Future and the games, some levels have been lowered to accommodate. The following Pokémon have had their evolutionary level changed.

Spoiler: show
Ponyta (Lv.35), Rhyhorn (Lv.37), Omanyte (Lv. 35), Kabuto (Lv.35), Dragonair (Lv.50), Pupitar (Lv.50), Loudred (Lv.30), Aron (Lv. 25), Lairon (Lv.35), Wailmer (Lv.40), Vibrava (Lv.35), Lileep (Lv.35), Anorith (Lv.35), Snorunt (Lv.37), Sealeo (Lv.40), Shelgon (Lv.45), Gabite (Lv.45), Skorupi (Lv.35), Snover (Lv.30), Sandile (Lv.30), Krokorok (Lv.40), Gothorita (Lv.36), Duosion (Lv.36), Vanillish (Lv.36), Frillish (Lv.35), Ferroseed (Lv.35), Klang (Lv.35), Elgyem (Lv.37), Litwick (Lv.25), Fraxure (LV.45), Mienfoo (Lv.30), Golett (Lv.40), Pawniard (Lv.30), Rufflet (Lv.30), Vullaby (Lv.30), Deino (Lv.45), Zweilous (Lv.55), Larvesta (Lv.50), Skrelp (Lv.40), Goomy (Lv.30), Noibat (Lv.38)

The following Pokémon are able to evolve through Friendship: Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Golbat, Chansey, Munchlax, Togepi, Azurill, Budew, Chingling, Buneary, Riolu, Woobat, Swadloon.

In order to evolve a Pokémon who evolves through Friendship, one must complete four quests with this Pokémon in the active party OR have this Pokémon in their active party for a total of 100 updates. After one of these criteria is met, they must level up once, after which they can evolve. Friendship evolutions do not require it to be a certain time of day to occur. Eevee no longer evolves through Friendship. If this Pokémon is in a Friend Ball or Luxury Ball, it will only require 80 updates. If this Pokémon holds the Soothe Bell, they will require 20% fewer updates or one less quest to evolve. Additionally, if the trainer tracks the Pokémon's Mood, they may evolve once they have reached 160 mood.

Evolution Item
A number of Pokémon can evolve through the use of an item. There are two methods through which items can be used to trigger evolution.

Evolutionary Stones (Fire, Leaf, Moon, Shiny, etc., though not Oval) only require contact (i.e. do not require a level) to trigger evolution. Other items (Razor Claw, Razor Fang, etc.) require the Pokémon to hold the item and level up in order to evolve. Once the item is used to evolve the Pokémon, it is consumed, and it must be held in order to evolve, even if the level has been gained.

Eevee now evolves entirely through exposure to Stones, though Leafeon and Glaceon must still evolve in the same location as the Mossy Stone and Icy Stone. Eevee will evolve into Espeon if exposed to the Sun Stone, into Umbreon if exposed to the Dusk Stone, and into Sylveon if exposed to the Shiny Stone.

The following Pokémon can evolve by being Traded without a hold item: Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter, Boldore, Gurdurr, Karrablast (for Shelmet), Shelmet (for Karrablast), Phantump, Pumpkaboo.

In order to evolve a Pokémon who evolves through Trade, one must either trade this Pokémon to another trainer OR give the Pokémon the item Energy Core to hold and have it gain a level. Although Karrablast and Shelmet must be traded with each other to evolve, they will evolve with the Energy Core without exposure to each other.

If a Pokémon requires a Hold Item upon Trading to evolve, one must either trade this Pokémon while holding the item OR give the Pokémon the corresponding item and have it gain a level. Like with other items, it is consumed when the Pokémon evolves and it must be holding it to evolve.

These are the Pokémon who fall under this category: Poliwhirl (King's Rock), Slowpoke (King's Rock), Rhydon (Protector), Seadra (Dragon Scale), Scyther (Metal Coat), Electabuzz (Electirizer), Magmar (Magmarizer), Porygon (Up-Grade), Porygon2 (Dubious Disc), Feebass (Prism Scale), Dusclops (Reaper Cloth), Clamperl (Deep Sea Tooth/Scale), Spritzee (Sachet), Swirlix (Whipped Dream)

Location-Based Evolution
A handful of Pokémon evolve depending on their location. In order to evolve, these Pokémon must gain a level while in the corresponding area. Although they do not have to gain a level after one has been gained if they do not evolve at that moment, they must still be in that area to evolve. The following Pokémon evolve via this method: Magneton (Mt. Moon or Monument Pillar), Eevee (Mossy Rock or Berry Forest/Icy Rock or Icefall Cavern), Mantyke (Cerulan Port, Lavender Beach, Cinnabar Sea), Nosepass (Mt. Moon or Monument Pillar), Sliggoo (Pallet Town, Fuchsia City), Crawbrawler (Icy Rock, Mt. Silver, Icefall Cavern), Charjabug (Mt. Moon or Monument Pillar)

Certain Pokémon can evolve into Alolan variants. Pikachu, Exeggcute and Cubone can evolve into Alolan Raichu, Alolan Exeggutor and Alolan Marowak respectively by either undergoing the necessary evolution while in the Sevii Islands or by being exposed to a Strange Souvenir upon evolution.

Split Evolution
Pokémon such as Wurmple or Tyrogue who can evolve into multiple Pokémon based off in-game stats may evolve however their owner chooses. Therefore, when Wurmple reaches level 7, it can evolve into either Silcoon or Cascoon, Tyrogue may evolve into any Hitmon at level 20, and Rockruff can evolve into either Lycanroc form of their trainer's choice. Other split evolutions must have their requirements fulfilled in order to occur.

Move-Based Evolution
Certain Pokémon will evolve when knowing a move. Like the games, this Pokémon may evolve on the level it learned the move or after gaining a level knowing the move. How it learns the move does not matter, but a level must be gained before it can evolve.

Other Cases
- Day/Night evolutions do not require it to be the proper time of day.
- Pancham will evolve at level 32 if there is a Dark-type in the party OR if a level is gained in Mahogany at or after level 32.
- Gender-based evolution (Froslass, Gallade, Vespiquen, Salazzle) require the proper gender to evolve.
- Inkay evolves regularly at level 30.
- Nincada will produce a Shedinja at the same level with the same moves as Nincada if there is a space in the party and at least one Poké Ball in the trainer's possession. This will consume a Poké Ball.
- Feebas, in addition to evolving through the Prism Scale, may evolve via the Beauty appeal attribute once it has gained 200 Beauty points.

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