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To be fair in relation to their stocks and whatnot, the share prices dropped after its initial video reveal as well, which was incredibly well received by most anybody besides the shareholders it seems. Nintendo's stock appears to primarily only go up when mobile games or the success of mobile games are mentioned, as seen when Pokemon Go's success inflated Nintendo's stock incredibly despite it not even really being Nintendo's game and such.

A more reasonable assessment (potentially) of the console's success or otherwise I would think would be its pre-order numbers so far. To start with, Nintendo is ramping up production from its initial plans of moving 2 million units for its first month due to the sheer amount of pre-orders. Many retailers worldwide have completely sold through their pre-orders, many in the first day of the Switch's announcement. If we assume that they manage to sell through their initial Nintendo Switch stock of 2 million in the first month, that would put its launch far ahead of the Wii U's 890k (which was still surprisingly good for the console) and more on par with the PS4's launch where they'd sold 2.1 million units in the first 2-3 weeks and 4.2 million by the end of December (about a month and a half after release). If the Switch patterns that release, outside of holiday season no less, I think the launch could pretty easily be considered a success. Now, obviously we'll have to see how many pre-orders have ended up being cancelled and this sort of analysis could be wildly off base so I guess we'll see lol
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