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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Abomasnow was proving to be a formidable opponent as it stood strong throughout the trainers’ onslaught of attacks. With hail continuing to pelt down from above, the sheer cold that Abomasnow emanated seemed to put a damper on fire attacks. However, the trainers’ spirits burned as bright as ever as they carried on with determination to take the beast down and return the Cloud Garden to the way it should be.

Mistilteinn, the other Mega Abomasnow in the fight, braced himself for another round against his much larger doppelganger. He pumped his long, tree trunk-like arms as a pair of light blue Swords of energy Danced around him before dissipating and sharply increasing his attack power. Sensing the powerful aura building inside its counterpart, the beastly Mega Abomasnow turned toward Mistilteinn and surrounding Pokemon and prepared to attack. With one wave of its arm, Abomasnow unleashed a flurry of pine needles that were as sharp as a Razor Leaf at them. Kai the Vaporeon prepared herself, ready to Endure whatever was sent her way, but Happy the Flareon had other plans as he quickly Detected the attack and pushed her out of the line of fire, taking the attack for critical damage instead.

Battered from the attack, Happy cheered Mistilteinn on as he gave the Abomasnow a Helping Hand by offering a good chunk of his remaining energy. Mistilteinn hurried up to the Mega Abomasnow as fast as his small legs could take him, and using his powerful arms as a pivot, spun around to strike it with a crushing Iron Tail. Mega Abomasnow certainly felt that one as it took a step back and groaned in displeasure. Not wanting to let the opportunity go to waste, Kai joined in with a combination of back to back Iron Tails of her own, further adding insult to Mega Abomasnow’s injury. Abomasnow roared and released a powerful Blizzard on the group of Pokemon, but this time it was Sigurd the Gallade’s turn to step forward. With one powerful stomp, Sigurd channeled the rocks in the earth below him and summoned a wall of stone that created a Wide Guard to protect Happy, Kai, and Mistilteinn from the attack. As soon as the attack finished, the rocks quickly crumbled away.

Looking to keep up the pressure, Sigurd employed a mental block on Abomasnow and Disabled it from creating more Blizzards. Looking to join in on the barrage of psychological warfare, Kong the Slaking began to channel a great amount of psychic energy as he focused on Abomasnow. The icy boss Pokemon glared at the pair and smacked the Gallade hard with its arm, a powerful Wood Hammer sending Sigurd flying into the Slaking. As the snow kicked up by the collision cleared, Jayson waited for his Pokemon to get up and retaliate. However, Sigurd simply laid there and yawned, playing Truant while Kong got to his feet and flexed with a smile, feeling Justified in his actions.

Fresh on the scene, Glitch the Porygon analyzed its opponent and began to Download its attack data. In order to take countermeasures, the Porygon proceeded to boost its own attack before moving on to increasing its Agility. The Porygon then looked to create an opportunity for others by releasing a wide Electroweb net to pin Abomasnow down. Kong charged forward as a massive amount of energy swelled into his fist. The Slaking connected with a devastating Dynamic Punch, knocking the Abomasnow back a couple of steps and slightly disorienting it a bit. Abomasnow roared and retaliated with an Ice Punch, hitting Kong hard and knocking him back as well.

Having had ample time to charge up energy, Caeda the Skarmory glowed brightly and slammed into Abomasnow for a powerful Sky Attack. Annoyed that it was unable to retaliate with the full force of winter as its Blizzard remained disabled, Abomasnow blew forth an Icy Wind instead, chilling the Skarmory as well as the Slaking and Porygon near her. Mistilteinn stepped in as well, hoping to absorb some of the damage done to his allies before returning the favor with a powerful Avalanche, sending a wave of snow and ice in the direction of Abomasnow. Looking to mitigate future ice damage, Glitch executes its Conversion program version 2.0 as its type begins to change… Not to be deterred, Caeda swooped in to hit Abomasnow with a quick Iron Head before veering off to soar back around once again. The Skarmory began to glow with a burst of blue flames around her body and slammed into Abomasnow with a powerful Brave Bird. Abomasnow roared and its eyes began to glow, firing off an Ice Beam that ripped across the battlefield. Having consumed a massive amount of energy, Caeda was unable to dodge in time and crashed into the snow, defeated. Glitch was hit as well, but took it well as a swell of water energy coursed through its programming. Happy was yet another who was too worn out to dodge, taking the hit before deciding it was time to Pass the Baton to a teammate in wait. Vi the Blaziken quickly took the Flareon’s place, ready to go.

Abomasnow had taken quite a few hits this round and was not quite looking as fresh as before. Despite the few remaining Snover that attempted to support their boss, the trainers’ efforts were making slow and steady progress on the behemoth. It did not come without a price, however, as many of the remaining Pokemon opposing the Abomasnow were beginning to tire out. Abomasnow glared an icy stare out at its opponents, not expecting them to have done this well against it so far. From here on out, it resolved to double its ferocity just as the icy winds that blew across the mountainside seemed to pick up in intensity as well. It seemed to have some kind of plan in mind, and it might just resort to it if pushed hard enough. Whatever it was plotting, only time would tell.

Do not mind how the updates were grouped; we simply organized them that way so it would be easier to type. You are free to collaborate with people from the other updates.
Most of their plan had worked as planned. Waiting patiently, Sigurd was able to guard a number of the other Pokemon from the Abomasnow's Blizzard with his Wide Guard. Before the beast could retaliate, Sigurd sealed off the attack with his Disable, leaving one less thing for them to worry about. However that is where their plan ended, the Abomasnow lashed out and knocked Sigurd into the path of a Skill Swap. Unfortunately, the attack was used by a Slaking, leaving the Gallade with a debilitating ability that would leave him hindered.

"Sigurd", Jayson questioned, reaching out with the psychic link the pair shared. "Are you okay? I'm going to bring you back, we can clear the effects of the Skill Swap."

There was a pause in his reply, but eventually Sigurd reached out, putting Jayson's mind at ease. "I'm fine, just feeling a bit lethargic. Recall me into my Pokeball, I think it is time for the plan anyway." Jayson smiled, he too was thinking it was time to put their plan into action.

Holding up Sigurd's Luxury Ball, Jayson quickly recalled the Gallade. Still holding onto Sigurd's ball, Jayson unclipped another familiar ball from his belt, tossing it out in front of himself to reveal Spartacus the Scizor. "Alright Spartacus, time to put the plan into action. Stay close while Swords Dance twice, then rush in and strike one of the remaining Snover with a Technician boosted Metal Claw." The Scizor nodded, he knew what Jayson had in mind. He knew he wouldn't be in the battle for long, but he was intent on leaving a mark while he was.

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