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The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

With Athena’s Mawile holding the large group of Delibird back away from the edge where they were throwing explosive gifts down onto those who were trying to fight Abomasnow, the majority of the trainers who helped round them up have left to join the fight down below.

However, there was one trainer who stayed behind, intent on catching one of the festive birds for themselves. Conveniently, there was a perfect target for such an occasion since one of the Delibird’s had managed to separate itself from the flock that Athena was keeping together. While keeping his eye on the Delibird, Trono the Alolan Geodude Charges his energy in order to properly prepare for his next attack. The Delibird still hasn’t noticed him so he uses that as an opportunity to charge in with another one of his electrifying Tackles which has been powered up even more due to his Charge. The Delibird is completely knocked off its feet from the surprise attack, causing it to drop its bag and several Presents slip out from inside. The Delibird frantically tries to shove the gifts back into its bag but Bill uses this moment as an opportunity to throw a pokeball and it gets pulled inside, forced to leave two presents behind. Just as Trono is finishing up with a Defense Curl the Presents both open up and explode simultaneously, injuring him quite a bit; fortunately, he had raised his defense before the explosion and wasn’t damaged as badly as he would have been. The pokeball containing the Delibird had rolled slightly away due to the explosions but was now wobbling in the snow until finally, it clicks! Congratulations! Bill captured a lv. 13 female Delibird!

Meanwhile, the fight with the Abomasnow was getting more intense, a large group of Snover had popped out of the snow and were now healing any damage the Abomasnow had already taken! Several trainers turned their attention toward the Snover in order to put a stop to them aiding the Abomasnow. First, Kyle the Heatmor blows a stream of fire at the Snover in an attempt to Incinerate some of them. The flames were a bit weakened but they managed to go through two of the nearby Snover. One of them huffed and blew an Icy Wind at Kyle in retaliation. Once the flames from the attack completely disappear, Blaze the Torchic charges toward those same two Snover with an Agility. Just before the nearest Snover could attack, Blaze leaps into the air with Bounce and is far out of the Snover’s reach. When Blaze comes back down he crashes into the Snover which angers it quite a bit, causing it to throw several Ice Shards at Blaze. This doesn’t slow him down though, despite the hit he uses his Rock Slide to bury the Snover, as well as the Snover next to it. As rocks fall from above, the second Snover, who could tell it wouldn't be able to stand for much longer, plays a Grass Whistle, the melody makes its way to Blaze’s ears and just as the last rock falls, so does Blaze, sound asleep in the snow. The two Snover he was attacking were also done for under the pile of rocks.

Nearby, Éclair the Mawile was Biting through any Ingrained roots she could get her hands on. The Snover were getting annoyed but felt that they had plenty of roots to spare, it wasn’t until she began to Taunt them that they finally had enough of her. Razor Leaves flew at Éclair from different directions, she seemed to draw the attention of three Snover but that didn’t slow her down. She ran through the attacks and bit down on the Snover in the center with her Poison Fang injuring it as well as leaving it with a nasty poison. It’s clear that it’s barely hanging on now, it seems that this particular Snover was the main target of Éclair’s root biting. The three Snover begin pelting Éclair with Ice Shards which is starting to overwhelm her a bit. Seeing the situation that Éclair is in, Belial the Houndoom let’s out a Howl in order to pump himself up and then charges in and smashes his Iron Tail into the Snover next to the one that Éclair had sunk her fangs into. The Snover immediately goes down and shortly after that, the poisoned Snover is overwhelmed by the poison and goes down with it. The remaining Snover, who is still feeling the effects of Éclair’s Taunt, begins to hurl some more Razor Leaves at Éclair, some of the leaves going past her and hitting Belial as well. Belial then runs up and uses another Iron Tail on this new target, taking this Snover down as well.
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