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A group of brave trainers headed back to the cave in pursuit of the Abomasnow. It was quiet at first as the group gathered around the cave’s gaping mouth. Once the trainers let their presence be known by calling out their Pokemon, the ground began to rumble once more. The massive, towering Abomasnow thumped its way out of the cave once more, looking amused that these trainers had returned after fleeing. A few orbs rained down around it and went off with loud pops, causing trainers and Pokemon to back up once more before they started their attack. The snow and wind whipped up around Abomasnow, and its Snow Warning intensified the hailstorm.

Rorik’s Volg roared and raised its stats with Dragon Dance, and the call rallied the other Pokemon into action as well. Isaac’s Incineroar Morgana took a moment to Bulk Up and flex his muscles to prepare himself for what they were about to face. Little Blaze crowed and Focused his Energy. He then heightened his speed with Double Team, running circles around the other Pokémon to prepare himself. Before anyone else could move, Gary’s Stantler Rena leapt to the front of the group, anticipating what Abomasnow would do next. The Abomasnow stared her down, then threw its head back. Rena declared she was going first, and was able to use Skull Bash instead of Abomasnow. Her strong horns hit the Abomasnow and caught it off guard. She Bounced into the air, and the Abomasnow’s eyes followed her as she practically flew high above its head. It held up a giant arm to shield itself as Rena’s strong hooves landed. She jumped off and fell hard on the ground, slipping a bit on the ice. The Stantler lowered its head and ran forward to strike Abomasnow with Megahorn. Her horns made a loud clack as they hit Abomasnow’s icy fur, and it roars angrily in response. It closes its eyes and a strange aura surrounds it as it increases its strength with Growth. It seems to be aware that many more attacks will be coming, and it definitely is going to retaliate. The aura around it faded and the trainers could see that the grassy parts of the Abomasnow had grown and sharpened.

Kyle the Heatmor and Volg were both instructed to strengthen the power of the sunlight and warm things up. They both focused their energy into Sunny Day but found that the intensity of the sun did not change at all. It was still hidden behind a deep layer of clouds pouring snow and hail. The Charizard’s flame on his tail and the fiery tongue of the Heatmor burned low. Kyle blew Spinning Fire and intended it to surround his foe. The flames surrounded one of its feet, which rooted it in place as it seemed nervous to move past it. He then tried again with Inferno which hit the Abomasnow’s leg which lit a bit of the creature on fire. Volg tried next, using his powerful wings and mastery over fire to create a Heat Wave. As the move approached Abomasnow, it melted a large patch of snow around it, and it was distracted while it attempted to conjure up more snow to protect itself. Morgana aimed a ball of Ember at the Abomasnow’s arm. It swatted the flame out on its body and Stomped down on Morgana’s tail before he could get away.

Melissa’s Wildfire jumped into the fray with its fellow Fire-types. Flames sprung from the Cyndaquil’s back, and he let them Erupt and fly the Abomasnow’s way. The flames sizzled as they touched Abomasnow’s icy fur. Angered by the small Pokemon, Abomasnow looked down with its crazed eyes. Wildfire tried an Inferno as Kyle had, lighting up another patch of its fur before it fizzled out. Wildfire finally tried a Fire Blast but was struck with an Ice Punch from Abomasnow. Wildfire struggled to recover from the blow, dragging himself as quickly as he could back to his trainer.

A sharp blast of Air Cut past the current battlers to strike Abomasnow and slice off a small chunk of its fur. It was Big’s Charmander, Hotstuff, who ran past Wildfire, Volg, and Kyle to face the Abomasnow that was practically ten times its height. He blew a Flamethrower which spread over Abomasnow’s foot that was caught by Fire Spin. He looses another blast of fire on the same area. Blaze had a go, puffing up his chest before spitting Flamethrower. The flame danced along the wind and brushed up against Abomasnow who let out a short grumble. The Fire-types acknowledged each other. They had tried several different attacks which should have decimated their opponent, but Mega Abomasnow, apart from a few burned patches, was looking as strong as ever.

Small buds began to sprout all over Abomasnow’s body and fly off at the attackers. They were Seed Bombs and they were headed straight for Hotstuff Blaze and Volg. Rena skidded across the snow to absorb the move with Sap Sipper. Abomasnow then opened its mouth wide and let out Frost Breath which critically hit Kyle and Rena leaving the two shivering cold.
((Apologies for the short reply this week, life's been complicated lately.))

Just like Glalie before... Fire is hampered in this weather, despite the beast's weakness to it.

It wasn't as completely ineffective as it had been against the first Mega Evolution they had faced, but flames still had an underwhelming effect. And as more Snover joined the fray to heal their master, Rorik began to wonder if Volg was still the right one for this job. But the dragon, as if reading his Trainer's mind, glared at him with ferocious determination. He had promised himself that he would surpass Guntz, and this was the first step towards fulfilling that promise.

"I know Volg. This one is yours, I can't take that away from you," said Rorik with a smile, as he adjusted his glasses. He knew what they had to do. "We can't keep our distance forever - we have to make the most of your Dragon Dance from earlier, but you can't afford to be caught by the giant!"

Volg nodded in agreement. He'd almost been struck down by the Abomasnow, had Gary's Rena not intervened at the last moment. He had to make that save count now, and fight back with everything he had. His power and speed were heightened as the dragon blood boiled in his veins; now was the time to tap into that power!

Volg may not have a Z-Move as powerful as Caeda's, but we can still leave a dent in that monster. Let's go!

"Volg, shoot a barrage of Rock Slide to keep it distracted, then strike from behind the boulders with Acrobatics and finish with a point-blank Steel Wing!"
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