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Crystal Grove.

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: Trust was an easy thing to hold onto, and easier to break, yet with the situation growing grim you nod to Donovan as you remove and hand him your Z-ring, the man's gaze meeting yours with a firm nod. "Th-thanks. I'll need a minute to get enough strength to do this... Hawkeye, be ready."

After recalling Ariana, the Garbodor is thankful for what she's done and faced with the impending Z-move, you turn to an unexpected counter: Meowth. The feline hops off your shoulder, tapping into his technical expertise as he generates an orb of water between his paws and lobs it through the air towards the Claydol. You understood what was required, what peace the pokemon wished for, and as the pulsating orb splashes over the head of the Claydol, the Z-move is successfully interrupted, averting any ground move coming your way.

Until the debris surrounding the Claydol rise into the air with ancient power flowing through them. What was an expected Tectonic Rage was instead an averted Continental Crush, and instead Meowth was facing down a horde of rocks. The giant pokemon looks at Meowth, focuses...before spinning erratically as the chunks of building fly in all directions but yours, crashing into other homes in the area and causing grand vandalism. To Meowth's luck, the Claydol had become confused! Its mind a muddle, the pokemon is completely helpless as Hawkeye strides before Donovan, who has set some sort of green Z-crystal into your ring. However, this one sports a pattern not unlike a holly leaf, and the stance the man prepares for...

"Take aim, take to the skies, take the spirits and take our foe out!" Ducking down, Donovan rises up and thrusts arms out in a sort of comical fashion, like a caricature of a spooky ghost at halloween as energy flows from the ring to the Decidueye, as Amanda stands back. "That's...that's the signature Z-move of Decidueye...Sinister Arrow Raid!"

Without pause, the owl takes off into the sky, before thrusting wings open wide and unsheathing dozens of arrow quills in an arc around him, before flapping and diving down and across the ground. The arrows, possessed with ghostly energy, rush behind him as Hawkeye circles the Claydol, before a gleam in the eye leads the bird to swiftly turn and dive into the the pokemon, rushing clean through it with phantasmal force and landing deftly on his feet. All around, the arrows strike beneath and into the Claydol, each bursting with spectral power with a number of pops and cracks, the shadowy wisps floating around it as the energy wears off the Decidueye.

As the smoke fades, the Claydol floats, body all but pocked with holes and cracks, the confusion having been knocked clean out of it, and yet the pokemon still remains conscious, if one could put it that way. Teetering, the hate in the eyes of the Claydol no longer exists, and it looks right at Meowth, right at you, before slowly sinking. A faint hum emanates from the pokemon as the Scratch Cat pokemon almost seems entranced, giving a nod to the pokemon as you realise what's happening: no longer tainted by the gems, the Claydol is putting what little energy it has into coercing Meowth to end the fight the only way possible. With an air of reluctance, the feline calls upon a second water pulse and with a voiced apology, fires it into the front eye of Claydol.

The Claydol's eyes go blank as the watery missile punches straight through the clay body and out the other side, and as you see the other side of the field through the hole made, the Claydol stops floating and plummets to the ground, shattering on impact in a dignified manner, as you are given a grim reminder of the Sigilyph from before. A couple of seconds pass before the sound of voices and sirens blares through, but you hear and see nothing as the toll of your adventure causes you to black out, and the last thing you're aware of is Amanda catching you as you fall.


You awaken to the sensation of something nudging you, and what seems like a purple and yellow blotch with two red stripes looking down at you. You rub your head before your mind quickly connects the link between a familiar face and what the blotch is. Marvolo! The Seviper gives a satisfied hiss and calls out as you embrace your pokemon, and all too soon Meowth. Gemini and Mustard join you, as well as a man in official uniform.

"You're awake now, I see. Corporal Watson, with the Marshals, no relation to Mauville's Wattson. I've been tasked with the Amanda Firwood case and wish to ask you for your cooperation in discussing your accounts with her, if you're fine with that?" The man hands over a pen and paper before sitting down on a seat and continuing. "Rest assured, she is well now and undergoing counseling after the trauma she has been through, as is your...acquaintance, Donovan. His own reports and containment of the Black Scarab are well received, though he mentions you were the one responsible for ending its reign of terror in the city."

The marshal fills you in on the details of the case as you recount your experiences. With the Scarab no longer a threat, Donovan's part in the apprehension has earned him jail time, though his good deeds have lessened his sentence to only a few months. You've been out for a day or so, having exhausted yourself through repeated use of Z-moves over a short period of time, while your team have had recovery. Marvolo's state of injury was mostly mental, and a few hours of therapy with the centre's psychiatric unit has left him feeling good as new. Gemini and Mustard merely required a simple trip to the healing station, while Meowth's battle has left him mostly unscathed and a tad bit tougher as a result. Meowth gained 2 levels!

The major change, however, was with Ariana. Once you leave your bed, you are brought to the infirmary's refuse bay, where the Garbodor is munching on some waste. On your approach she turns around and beams, and it's not hard to see why. Having regained her strength on the hospital trash, the damaged green cloak she wore is now a silver foil, while her damaged piping has been replaced with a shiny bronze model, and what is unmistakably glass fragments dot her body, presumably from the beakers and flasks the hospital used. Ariana gained 3 levels! After a heartwarming reunion with what's doubtlessly a knight in shining not-quite-armour, you are eventually discharged from the hospital, and find yourself with a couple of loose ends to tie up, the first of which approaches you with a smile.

"Keith, you're out now!" Amanda waves as she reaches you, hand outstretched as you shake. "I was asked by Donovan to come fetch you, he wanted to thank you in person. Visiting time at the penitentiary's now, so I thought we could go there together." With an invite in hand, your group heads for the jail and after being ushered in, the man sits at a table, orange inmate jumpsuit and fedora replete, and a familiar Decidueye sitting by him, wearing a collar of sorts.

"Keith, lemme start by apologising for the whole case of mistaken identity, first and foremost. So yeah, twelve months for possession of illegal equipment, cut down to four for assistance in arrest of a wanted criminal, a risk I was wiliing to accept. Things haven't been too bad though, my fellow inmates hold respect for me in doing what I did, and it's safe to say that half the city has respect for you," he motions, calling one of the wardens over, the man holding a small package. "It ain't much, but the marshals wanted me to give you this from them for your part in saving the grove from the Claydol and bringing the Scarab to justice." Opening the package, you find $750 in a neat bundle, as well as some sort of clay that seems to shimmer with innate light. "Salvage crew found this amongst the remains of the Claydol, seems despite what it did to the square it had a heart of gold after all, ha."

"But in all seriousness Keith, thank you for your part in avenging my Vanguard friends, and in getting Amanda to safety. On that note..." he grins, leaning back slightly as the woman's turn to speak arrives.

"If it weren't for you, I'd be dead and forgotten...I can't begin to thank you for all you've done for me. My old home's unfortunately within Shell territory, but the marshals have got in touch with some contacts and they've secured a safe place for me in New Fizz City..." she sniffs, wiping tears of gratitude from her eyes. "It's not much, and more sentimental, but I wanted you to have's a pendant my brother gave me years ago when he heard I was moving to Goldenridge." Placing the pendant into your palm, it is a simple golden drop with feathers, and a gleaming gemstone of lapis lazuli embedded in the centre, a gemstone meaning friendship. "I'm grateful for what you've done for me, and I'll never forget your kindness when I was at my lowest point in my life. With all sincerity Keith, thank you."

You, Amanda and Donovan talk among yourselves for a solid hour or so, sharing your plans for the future. Amanda mentions her wish to open a grooming service in the city, while Donovan's goal after his sentence is served is to assist the marshals in a planned push on Ribs territory. With all said and done, the three of you part, and as you stand outside the entrance to the city, something catches your eye. Standing off to the side is a Golett, hands clasped together as it seemingly looks at you. In a moment, the pokemon plods towards you and stops, before beginning to talk as Meowth translates.

"You have stood strong in the trial of endless sight, and have proven your strength against the totem who resides within the Goldenridge Catacombs. As proof of your achievements, you are to accept this prize, while we seek to train a new totem to bear commitment to the catacombs." Thrusting hands forth, they open to reveal a pink crystal with an eye inset, what is without doubt Psychium-Z. After taking the Z-crystal, the Golett gives a salute before wandering back into the city, presumably to return to the ruins to resume reconstruction. Holding the crystal in your hand, you feel as if the Claydol you battled is at peace once more, and as the sun sets, you can only wonder where life will take you next.




"Donovan, you got a visitor."

"Right, one sec."

The man rose from his bed and followed the warden to the visiting room, before blinking twice. [i]It couldn't be[/b], he thought as he found the visitor in question. Standing seven foot up, with a moustache that would put a Stoutland to shame, the grey eyes of the man pierced through the vigilante as he stepped forward.

"You would be this Donovan I hear of?" the man spoke, voice surprisingly soft given the size and stature, a man who oozed authority. "It would appear that our encounter was fated, but rest assured, there is nothing bad about our meeting. On the contrary, I am here to offer you an opportunity, one that has arrived out of convenience...that is, if you are willing to accept?"

Donovan scratched his chin. "You mean the marshals are ready to move out against the Ribs, already? Something's surely suspicious about this...but then, why would you ask of my aid?"

"It's a simple case of you having contacts with the Ribs. I'd rather not have a bloody battle with them, and above all else I'd rather have the Shells pushed off the city first, rather than the vandals and hoodlums that most of the Ribs are. We can discuss this in further detail next week."

"Well," he sighed, "given the circumstances, you've got my support, uh..."

The man nodded, before extending a hand to seal the deal.

"Lieutenant. Vicefeder, if you will."

Adventure Complete!

Upon replying to this post, you are free to pick up the following items:

-$750 pokedollars.
- x1 Light Clay.
- x1 Psychium Z.
- x1 Lazuli Pendant. (Trinket, for decorative purposes)
- x3 Rare Candies, in lieu of the 3 levels Gemini (and Mustard) would have received.

- Free Cosmetic Alteration for Ariana the Garbodor, consisting of Silver Foil Cloak, Bronze Arm Cladding and Sparkly Glass Debris, claimable at the Boutique (Okiku approved).

Additionally, Meowth and Ariana both gained 2 and 3 levels respectively for their part in the fight. It's been a pleasure to run your adventure, MM.
It felt weird to Keith, removing his Z-Ring out in public, especially with the intention of handing it over to someone he'd met that same day. His left wrist felt naked without something on it, be it his Z-Ring or the Xtransceiver Keith sported in the days before acquiring said Z-Ring. But Donovan was a good man, Keith knew. He had in fact caught up earlier, with the means of catching the Black Scarab that he promised he'd bring. Claydol very likely needed a powerful move to finish it, and although he could simply turn Meowth's Icy Wind into another Subzero Slammer, Keith wasn't completely sure he had it in himself for another Z-Move so soon. Z-Moves required the willpower and physical strength of both Trainer and Pokémon, and while Keith was generally good for one or two in a given day, maybe three if he hadn't been doing anything too strenuous that day, there was no denying, this day's events could definitely be counted as strenuous.

As Donovan got himself ready, Meowth made his move, launching a Water Pulse at Claydol, the super effective move disrupting the Z-Move. "Direct hit!" Keith exclaimed. "Way to go, Meowth- wh-what?" he murmured, for at that moment, all sorts of rocks and debris rose up around the Claydol, a Power flowing through them that seemed primal, almost Ancient. Keith's eyes widened- he'd misinterpreted the color the crystals were glowing, and instead of Tectonic Rage, Water Pulse had stopped an Ancient Power-turned-Continental Crush! Of course, both Rock and Ground were weak to water, so the move Keith made was a good one in the end, but now there was this Ancient Power to contend with...

...except not really! Claydol suddenly started spinning erratically, and the debris flew in literally every other direction but Meowth's! Keith broke into a relieved grin- the Water Pulse must have confused Claydol! Oh, Keith chose very wisely there!

And that, it seemed, was Donovan's cue. Keith watched as he and Hawkeye readied their Z-Move. A pose unlike anything Keith had seen before, a Z-Crystal that looked grass-like, but Keith had a sneaking suspicion it was no Grassium Z. And sure enough, Donovan called for neither Bloom Doom nor Never-Ending Nightmare, but rather, the signature Z-Move of the Decidueye species, upgraded from Spirit Shackle; Sinister Arrow Raid. Keith watched, rather awed, as Hawkeye took off, spectral arrows swirling around him as he dove into the Claydol, the arrows assaulting the Ground/Psychic-type.

Once things died down, Keith could see what had become of the Claydol. Not a single Z-Crystal remained in its visibly damaged body, and not a trace of confusion or hatred remained in its eyes. The crystals, the source of its perpetual Z-Power and rage alike, had been totally destroyed.

In this moment, Keith was sorely tempted to try and do something. Turn his hat backwards and throw a Poké Ball at the Claydol. Take it to be healed, try and do something, anything, to try and get it a second chance, a chance to live a life free from the hatred that had so consumed it up until now. And yet, he could only stand there and watch. Claydol had locked eyes with Meowth, putting the last of its energy towards getting Meowth to finish things once and for all. And Keith could see the reluctance in Meowth's nod. For all the flak the feline tended to give Keith about impulsive catches, he would have gone along with this one. Yet at the same time, they both understood, much as they wanted to believe to the contrary... this was the only way. Claydol understood that better than either of them ever would.

It took but a single Water Pulse to drive that point home. One singular Technician-boosted Water Pulse to punch a hole clean through the Claydol's head, one subsequent fall to the ground to shatter it thoroughly. For all the destruction it had caused, for all it had done to Marvolo, for all it had tried to do to them... Keith felt sorry for the Claydol, having seen what it wanted to show him. It wasn't its fault that it was the way it was, and... uh... head hurty...


The next thing Keith knew, someone or something was nudging him. He opened his eyes, and before his vision could properly focus, he made out a purple and yellow blotch with two red stripes. It took him a moment for his mind to catch up and for his eyes to focus, but once both had happened, Keith realized what this blotch was. "...Marv?" he murmured.

"It's about damn time," hissed the Seviper, sounding more relieved than irritated. Keith smiled and chuckled- recalling the horrific ordeal Marvolo had been subjected to earlier, he was happy to see his Seviper back to normal. He pulled Marvolo into a hug, to which the Seviper responded by gently Wrapping Keith in his coils. Then he turned his head to the door. "He's awake!" he called out.

The door flew open, Meowth being the first one in, jumping into Keith's arms, as Gemini and Mustard floated into the room as well. The touching group hug that followed was relatively short-lived, as a man in official uniform entered, introducing himself as Corporal Watson. He was in charge of Amanda's case, and he asked Keith to cooperate, discuss what happened with her. "Of course," Keith nodded, sitting up in bed, and they talked. Keith recounted what had happened since arriving in Goldenridge- the mistaken identity because of his Scolipede's coloration. Him and Amanda being accidentally dropped down into the underground tunnels. Fighting off the Rattata (Marvolo gave a satisfied hiss at this, still digesting some of those Rattata and remembering the exotic flavor of the Alolan ones). Amanda waking up and Keith convincing her to tell him her story. The escape from Claydol initially. The return to the surface, finding everything destroyed. The battle against the Black Scarab, and the subsequent battle against Claydol.

In return, Corporal Watson filled Keith in on the details of the case. As Keith had feared, Donovan was facing jail time for what he'd done, but the good he'd done in the process led to a considerably lessened sentence. Keith was still of the opinion Donovan shouldn't have had any jail time at all, but he supposed this was still way better than having to serve a full sentence. Amanda was fine now, undergoing counseling. Keith had been out for a day or so, between repeated use of Z-Moves and the fairly strenuous nature of the day he'd had. His team recovered very well- Marvolo needed a few hours with the center's psychiatric unit, his injuries being more of mind than of body. Meowth, Gemini, and Mustard were much better off, the Weezing only needing a trip to the healing station, and Meowth largely unscathed. But, Keith had made a point to ask following all this, what about his Garbodor?

He soon got his answer, once he left his bed and was led to the refuse bay. Keith could see Ariana in there, snacking on some garbage, but something looked different. And as she turned around, smiling happily, Keith got a good look. The tattered remnants of dark green garbage bag were now a shiny silver. The metal piping that made up parts of her arms were now a lovely bronze. And the dots of garbage that adorned her body were now bits of glass. Keith beamed at the sight of his Garbodor, and the two shared a heartfelt embrace that would either warm the heart or turn the stomach of any onlooker, depending on their point of view.

Eventually, Keith was discharged from the hospital, and was almost immediately approached by Amanda, who greeted him and shook his hand. "Yeah, I'm out now," Keith nodded with a smile. "My Pokémon are doing fine, too- you should see Ariana in particular, she's looking amazing," he added. But that would have to wait- Amanda had been sent by Donovan to come and get him. He'd wanted to thank Keith in person, and it was currently visiting time at the penitentiary, so Amanda figured they could go together. "Sure," Keith agreed.

And soon, they were there. Donovan still wore his fedora, though now it accompanied an orange prison jumpsuit, and Hawkeye was wearing some kind of collar, likely one that stopped him from using attacks or passing through solid objects like the Ghost-type that he was.

The first thing Donovan did was apologize for the mistaken identity, causing Keith to smile and shake his head. "Water under the bridge," he said to both Donovan and Hawkeye. Donovan went on to explain that the initial sentence was one year for possession of illegal equipment, but his help in bringing the Black Scarab to justice got it cut down to four, and on top of that, he was respected by the inmates for what he'd done. Keith was then presented with a package as thanks for his help, containing a tidy sum of money and a lump of Light Clay, the latter of which the salvage crew found within what remained of the Claydol. This... had been a part of that Claydol, Keith realized. A true heart of gold. Donovan had said so rather jokingly, but Keith nodded in sincere agreement.

He couldn't dwell on it for long, however- now it was Amanda's turn to speak. Words could hardly convey her gratitude for what Keith had done for her, for how he helped her out when she was at her lowest point. She couldn't give him much of anything of value, but did have something more of sentimental value that she wanted him to have. Keith accepted the pendant with a smile. "It's no problem," he responded. "I'm just happy I could help, y'know?"

For the next hour or so, they talked. Talked about their plans moving forward. Amanda was hoping to open a grooming service in New Fizz City. Donovan was planning to, following the completion of his four-month sentence, assist the marshals against the Ribs. And Keith, of course, his goal remained the same. Become a Pokémon master, a master of Poison-types, one who could change the world's generally negative view of Poison-types. He'd keep traveling the Fizzytopia region, keep helping anyone he could. He wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was.

At last, it came time for Keith to leave Goldenridge City. Back to normal. Meowth on his shoulder, Mega Hat on his head, Z-Ring back in place on his wrist, random Golett standing near the entrance of the city... wait, what?

Sure enough, the Ground/Ghost-type stepped forward, stopping before Keith and beginning to speak. Meowth, taking the cue, translated. "Golett's sayin' youse stood strong in da trial o' endless sight, and proved yer strength against da totem o' da Goldenridge Catacombs," he said.

"The totem?" Keith repeated. "The... the Claydol?"

"I guess," Meowth shrugged. "Golett's also sayin' youse earned a prize fer yer achievements." At this point, Golett opened its hands, revealing said prize to Keith- a Z-Crystal.

"Oh, wow," Keith murmured, accepting the Z-Crystal. Golett gave a salute and headed back into the city, as Keith examined the pink crystal. The design resembled an eye, and the color... this was the same color that Claydol's crystals had glowed just before it hit Marvolo with Shattered Psyche. "So... this must be the Psychium Z," he murmured. "Well... we're not keeping this," he said.

"Eh?!" Meowth exclaimed in surprise.

"Marv might be better now, but the last thing I want is to keep around such a blatant reminder of what he went through," Keith stated. "We'll find someone else to take this Z-Crystal. Maybe someone who's good with Psychic-types," he speculated. Indeed, he had no way of knowing this at the present time, but as he spoke those words, his Swoobat had started to get a premonition of just such a person, a young teenager from Johto. One who might just be capable of training Luna and some of her teammates to be even better than Keith had gotten them...

But at this moment, Keith was headed home. He knew not what the future held in store, but whatever it was, he was sure he and his Pokémon would be ready to handle it.

*Adventure complete!*

*Obtained 750!*

*Obtained the Light Clay!*

*Keith obtained a Psychium Z!*

*Keith obtained the Lazuli Pendant!*

*Obtained 3 Rare Candies!*

*Meowth grew to level 34!*

*Meowth grew to level 35!*

*Ariana grew to level 45!*

*Ariana grew to level 46!*

*Ariana learned Amnesia!*

*Ariana grew to level 47!*

Thanks for the adventure, Raves! I enjoyed it immensely, and found every update to be worth waiting for.

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.

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