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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Bastion of Vacuous Dreams.

Marion Ette
: Few people would be mad enough to approach the colossal centrepiece of the city in this day and age, unless they were either completely despondent, greedier than a Swalot or outright insane. You were none of these, though some would argue that the third fitted your stature, a small girl with an elusive history. You were brought before the bastion not out of greed, but interest, a small kitten under the titanic foot of curiosity. You had no intention of being killed, however, and the very thought of it makes you giggle as you stand before the ominous building.

You were no fool, however. Having studied up beforehand, you know the council had perished within and none who entered were seen again, and that this meant barreling headfirst through the front door was a very stupid thing to do. Looking around, your first notice on the building was that it seemed to emanate an aura of unease, as though it was trying to dissuade others from entering. The second notice is that of a number of openings here and there that your small frame could squeeze through. To your left, a vast crack in a wall, zigzagging up into a hole you could probably climb and enter, through use of the crack as a ladder. To the right, a hole that led underneath the southern flank of the building, presumably to the depths of the bastion.

There was also another entrace aside from the main, a damaged window that seemed to flicker slightly from the light of day, located not too far from the front door. Gazing upon it, you have the feeling of something unusual and unnerving, yet similarly exciting, your heart beating. Fate had given you several options, it was just a matter of which poison you fancied drinking this day.
((OOC: Thanks for picking me up, Raves! I'm looking forward to this~))

Ffion is quick to sense the foreboding aura emanating from her intended destination, and pauses for a moment to consider the options. Certainly, all three possible entrances had their own merits, but the peculiar combination of nervousness and excitement which seizes Ffion's heart from gazing at the damaged window near the entrance meant that she would be making a relatively quick decision. Even as well-grounded and in control of her mind as she was in this particular moment, she was still a firm believer in intuition, and something about this window drew her like a moth to the flame - a metaphor, she hoped, that would not prove to be entirely too apt. She had tangled with the unknown before as a member of the Nightwatch and emerged the victor, but getting too cocky would be a surefire way for her luck to run out - and even those victories came at a great cost. This was a solo mission, so interactions would be avoided if at all possible - observation and exploration was the primary goal, only taking those things which would not weigh her down significantly - and then she would be out. Material wealth was not her focus anyway, but an interesting photograph or document might be worthwhile.

In two fluid motions, she clears the jingly-jangly bracelets from her wrists before throwing them in her bag. Reaching for a hair tie, her wild mane is pulled back to keep it out of her face. Practical decisions, of course, though one wonders why she insisted on the fashionable boots, even in an instance like this - though she proves to be particularly agile in them, as she moves as silently as she can towards the window, scaling it quickly, but carefully. Her motions suggest that this is not the first break-in she has engaged in. Ffion was prepared to step through the metaphorical looking glass, and see what was on the other side.
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