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I think that Touya Meijin forbid Akira from playing in amateur tournaments for reasons that were more selfish than he let on. It's because it would have been a complete waste of time for Akira and detrimental to his skill development, not for the sake of protecting the poor egos of the other children. He was better served to play games with his father and other strong pros. What's the point of playing in a tournament where everyone is giving it their best when he's way above all of them in skill level? What could he possibly learn? When I played Go with my old roommate and online friends who were a lot worse than me, I often made moves that I knew I could never get away with if I was playing someone who was of equal skill. I'd invade a section of the board that had tons of enemy stones because I knew that I could just overpower them and win all the fights. I didn't feel like I had to play smart joseki and be on top of things in order to win, so this was detrimental to my skill development. Starcraft II same deal.

I think the other kids in the tournament could benefit from playing Akira, especially if he reviewed the game with them afterwards and said, "You know when you played this move? You should have done this instead." Any time someone has a chance to play someone of superior skill level they should take it. This has its limits though. When I was a complete newb at Go, I went to Yahoo which doesn't have a matchmaking system like KGS, and just wanted to play other newbs in the Beginner's Lounge. For some retarded reason though, strong players constantly hang around the Beginner's Lounge so it was nearly impossible to find a game with another newb, it was so frustating. I couldn't learn anything from these defeats because I was too underdeveloped to understand anything about Go theory, and it's not like they offered to teach me how to play properly. They'd just destroy me, sometimes trash talk my skill and then leave. I truly had to learn the game through the school of hard knocks. Once I found KGS things got so much better.

I found a $100,000 Go board on Amazon. lol, the reviews.

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