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As the two of them moved to a safe distance, Jayson watched as the two Pokemon sized each other up. Jormungand stood his ground, trying to look as Intimidating as possible as the Charizard danced through the air. He began to let out a low rumbling growl, it was more seductive than aggressive but the purpose was still the same. The Gyarados was clearly trying to get the Charizards attention. As the Charizard continued to fly its figure eight in the sky, Jormungand began to mimic the shape on the ground. The Gyarados heavy body began to carve a path in the ground as he followed the Charizard's movements, continuing his deep growl as he goes.

Jayson hadn't witnessed anything like this before and he doubted Gary had either. What the two would do next was a mystery to both of them, but at least at the moment the two weren't trying to tear each other apart.

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