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Gary lead them through the Cloud Garden towards their destination, the Burnt Forest. The name was certainly fitting, the section of forest was all but burnt to a crisp, the trees were burnt black, the ground was left barren. Gary lead them through the forest, eventually they came to a large clearing with a cave set into the mountainside. As he let his Stantler run off to find some food, Gary called out for his Pokemon. A torrent of flame soon erupted from inside the cave, the Charizard was definitely here. The fire was followed by a roar and soon after a glisten golden Charizard emerged. Jayson was left awe struck, she was beautiful. As Gary made his way over towards the Charizard, Jayson dismounted, unsure of how Jormungand was going to react.

As he stared up at the Gyarados, he noticed it was quite on edge. Jormungand coiled his lower body up like a snake, while his upper body rose up, standing almost perfectly straight. His nostrils were flared, as if he was picking up a strange scent. His eyes were locked on Ramoth, his mouth was clamped shut. Suddenly the Gyarados let out a deafening roar, Jayson stumbled backwards as he covered his ears. It was impossible to tell how the two would react to each other, Jayson looked over to Gary, "perhaps we should give them some space?"
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