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Gary grinned as Jayson mounted his giant Gyarados and watched them slither onto land. Despite being a fish, Gyarados was quite large and had a serpentine body, so it wasn’t unheard of for one to move on land. “Alright, follow me then!” he called out while giving Rena a pat on the shoulder. The Stantler began trotting forward as Gary held the reins tight. “Not too fast, okay?” Gary asked his Pokemon, knowing she would be disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to run through the forest at full speed.

As they traversed the forest, the scent of smoldering embers eventually began to permeate the air. Gary steered Rena down a path that had its twists and turns, choosing to go down the widest path for Jormungand to fit through as opposed to the straight and narrow shortcut. Eventually the two trainers arrived at a break in the trees, where the forest suddenly appeared to turn lifeless. Many of the trees were barren and stained a charcoal color. The remaining trees that contained leaves were scattered out, and they were almost permanently a withered yellow to red assortment of autumnal colors. There was a staleness in the air here in this forest that seemed to cause the temperature to raise considerably.

“It shouldn’t be too much farther!” Gary called out to Jayson, pulling on Rena’s reins and steering her up a trail that began to incline up the mountain. There were a few boulders and rocks to get around, which Rena did with ease. Soon enough, they arrived at a massive clearing about the length of a football field in diameter, with a wall of trees around the circumference except for one stretch of mountainside that featured a large cave opening. Everything inside the clearing was barren and burnt to a crisp.

“Ramoth! I brought a visitor!” Gary called out before dismounting Rena. The Stantler slowly made her way back to the edge of the forest in search of some still living brush to feed on. A faint light began to emit from the interior of the cave before a pillar of flames erupted. An annoyed roar hissed afterward, echoing off the walls of the cave before a spectacular figure emerged. As the sunlight bounced off of the Charizard’s golden scales, she seemed to emit a radiance like some kind of heavenly being. The flame on the dragon’s tail burned exceptionally bright for her species. She stretched her wings as wide as she could, but slowly sauntered forward on all four legs. Craning her long neck back, she stared down at the two trainers, refusing to acknowledge the Gyarados at first.

Gary stepped forward first and held out a hand as Ramoth leaned her head lower and allowed her trainer to rub her on the nose. “How are you doing, girl?” Gary cooed, smiling at Ramoth. Her angry expression softened, enjoying her trainer’s affection. “Well, this is Ramoth. She’s a bit headstrong, but I hope you can get along with her,” Gary chuckled.
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