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Jayson wasn't sure if Gary would remember what they discussed in the tavern but it didn't take long for his friend to mention the subject of his visit. He had always had a fondness for Charizards, in fact his first Pokemon back in the Kanto region was a Charmander. It had eventually evolved into a Charizard but he left it behind once he moved onto the Johto region, he had no idea what his old friend was up to now. He had crossed paths with many since then, although Gary had promised that his Ramoth was unique, Jayson was eager to see why.

"Sure thing, let's go pay her a visit shall we?" As Gary calls forth and mounts a large Stantler, Jayson gives Jormungand a tap with his boot. The Gyarados suddenly surges out of the water and up onto land. He wouldn't be the fastest on land but Jormungand's size and strength made him more than capable of carrying him across land as well as water. "Lead the way Gary, we better not keep Ramoth waiting."

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