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(So we don’t get our RP mixed up with my RP with GS, let’s use the color sienna lol)

It was a rather quiet day at the top of the Starline Waterfall in Gary’s base as the trainer/researcher was gathering things at his desk. One could tell by the speed at which Gary worked that he was a little rushed, and the reason behind that was due a certain golden Charizard named Ramoth. Supposedly it was right around breeding season for large reptiles, and she was no exception. Gary was in a bit of a bind, because despite having been Ramoth’s trainer for quite some time, this was her first breeding season and he was much more familiar with aquatic species of Pokemon, not giant flying dragons.

A loud roar suddenly snapped Gary out of his concentration, followed by a familiar voice calling out his name. He hurried to the door and opened it, peering outside to see who it could be. It was a tall man with an even larger Gyarados sticking his long body out of the river. He grinned and stepped outside to greet his guest with a handshake. “Oh, Jayson! Long time no see, how’ve you been? You must be here because of Ramoth, like we previously discussed right? Your timing couldn’t be more perfect actually. She’s actually not here at the moment. Wanna go with me to see her? She’s gone off to the Burnt Forest to let off a little steam.”

Gary’s eyes wandered toward Jormungand, who was quite the specimen of a Gyarados. “Man, he’s pretty big for a Gyarados,” he smiled, reaching out to rub the sea serpent’s nose. “One of the largest Gyarados I’ve ever seen for that matter.” Part of the reason why Gary had agreed to this arrangement was his desire to further study the Gyarados species. However, he had to tread lightly as it was a sore subject for some of his Pokemon, namely Kratos the Golduck. When Gary had first encountered him years ago as a Psyduck, he had saved Kratos from being eaten by a Gyarados.

“Why don’t we head over there?” Gary suggested, gesturing to the east. The trees in the area were still all healthy and green, but not too far off was the desolate environment otherwise known as the Burnt Forest. “Hey Rena! Wanna go for a walk?” Gary called out to his base, and moments later, a large Stantler appeared in the doorway and effortlessly leapt from the platform down to the ground level. Gary smiled and pet her on the nose as he straightened her bridle. Rena was much larger than the average deer, coming up closer to the size of an elk, which allowed Gary to ride on her with no weight issues. The Stantler kneeled her front two legs so that Gary could get on. As she stood back up, Gary gripped the reins for support.
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