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Jayson had been travelling up the river for most of the day, luckily for him the powerful Gyarados he rode was more than capable of a sustained effort. Jormungand was larger than most Gyarados, he was a fine specimen to behold. Jayson adjusted himself, the Gyarados's back wasn't the most comfortable thing to sit on but he was slowly getting used to it. He had arrived in the Cloud Garden that morning, immediately he decided to pay a visit to a friend he had made during his stint in Bedlam. The pair crossed paths in a dank old Tavern, 'The Drunken Druddigon'. They had both been worn out by the turmoil that gripped the city and a good drink and a good yarn was what they needed. Gary had told him of this place and its relaxed, beautiful setting. The man hadn't lied, this place was indeed spectacular and far from the dreary streets of Bedlam.

As Jormungand made his way up river, Jayson soon spotted the waterfall in the distance, a large oak tree next to it seemed to be converted into a base of sorts. Jormungand came to a stop as they reached the waterfall, Jayson wondered whether Gary was home. Jormungand let out a mighty roar, signalling their arrival. "Yo Gary!" Jayson shouted, hoping his friend would hear him, "it's Jayson, from Bedlam, you home mate?"
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