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Gary grinned proudly as he observed Hyrem take in the aquarium room in awe. “Pretty nice, huh? I’ve spent a lot years researching water Pokemon, so it only makes sense to have a large enough space for all of my water Pokemon to live in! Your timing couldn’t be more perfect actually; I was just about to go for a dive in the tank so I could feed them and introduce a few of my new Pokemon I obtained recently.” Gary smiled and gestured to the dry suit and swimming trunks he was wearing. “You’re welcome to join, if you feel like diving in an aquarium that is!”

As Akame gave Hyrem a poke, the guest seemed to recognize her and call her by a different name. “Wait, are you serious?” Gary asked incredulously, letting out a laugh. “Did you use to have her? What a small world!” Akame looked up at Hyrem and smiled quietly while waving at her former trainer.
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