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Upon the mention of a Lapras, Gary’s eyes lit up and his jaw dropped. “Oh my god, you have a Lapras?!” he exclaimed excitedly. He flung himself onto the railing to sneak a peek of the Pokemon, but it was too late as she had already been recalled into her ball. Gary sighed and let out an embarrassed grin over the scene he just made. “I’ve always wanted one but I’m sure you know how rare they are. Must be nice having one!”

Letting out a chuckle, Gary showed Hyrem inside of his base. As they walked to the entry hallway, there were two large rooms at the end where the hallway forked. There was a large kitchen and living room to the right, and to the left was what is known as the aquarium room. It was a large expansive room with a big fountain in the middle for Pokemon to soak in and along the back wall featured a gigantic fish tank that took up the length of the room. A few fish Pokemon were swimming around in it.

As they looked around the room, there was a small poke on the back of Hyrem’s leg. It was a Pawniard, who looked up at the guest curiously with a smile. “Oh, this is Akame, I just traded for her very recently.”
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