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Gary stood over his fountain in the aquarium room as he gazed down at his new Totodile, Wani. The small blue crocodile was happily swimming around in the shallow pool of water, swishing his tail back and forth. It wasn’t until after a few minutes of observing Wani that Gary realized he had been distracted from his main objective all along; to dive into the aquarium tank and check on Pickle as well as introduce Leviathan to the other fish Pokemon.

“I’m so sorry guys, I got distracted with visitors and our new buddy here, Wani,” he apologized as he smacked his forehead and turned to face the fish tank. “I’ll be right there in a minute.” As Gary walked over to a cabinet next to the tank, he pulled out a pair of goggles and a re-breather, which would allow him to freely breathe underwater without having to lug around a heavy oxygen tank. While Gary pulled out the equipment, he heard another series of knocks at the front door. “Holy… Lots of visitors today, huh? Don’t worry guys, I’ll be right back!” As Gary scurried off to go answer the door, Devine the Kingdra slowly rolled her eyes.

Jogging up to the front door, Gary quickly caught his breath as he opened it to see who it could be. Opening the door, he found himself face to face with a teenage boy. “Oh, hi there. Welcome!” Gary greeted him with a smile. While under normal circumstances it would be unusual to find a stranger on your doorstep, in the Pokemon world such courtesies were much more lax. In fact, it was often commonplace to welcome travelers to your home as the crime rate was much lower and a home filled with Pokemon would be able to defend itself with ease.

On top of that, Gary had built his base with the intention of having it double as an observatory and conservation center in order to give travelers a place to rest with a view of the Cloud Garden. Gary held the door open to allow the guest inside. “Come on in! My name’s Gary, nice to meet you.”
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