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*BAM* Patches bursts open Gary’s door, pausing only for a moment to catch her breath before continuing to run. The mats jingle only briefly beneath her feet since she manages to get across them quickly. “Gary!!! Have you seen my Totodile!? I haven’t seen him since I was last here!” She doesn’t see Gary when she comes in so she hopes that he can at least hear her. Knowing that she needs to retrace her footsteps she runs to the table where she was gathered with friends on a previous night and after not seeing him out in the open she dives under it. “Gary, he’s not under your table!!!!”

“Chu chuu!” Mio, who had also accompanied Patches today is now trying to get her attention in order to lead her somewhere. Patches bangs her head on the table after crawling back out and trying to stand up, she is so worried that she wasn’t paying attention and stood up a bit too early. Eventually, she manages to actually stand up and is now holding her head where she will probably form a bump later. “Oh, I’m coming Mio.” She follows Mio into another room with a large fountain, Mio hops up onto the edge and points to a small ripple in the water. Patches runs over and looks at the ripple, suddenly Totodile’s head pops up before he happily swims away. “Totodile, you had me worried sick!! Come on, it’s time to go. It’s not nice to impose on other people when you’re a guest.” Says the person who practically just busted down Gary’s door unannounced. The Totodile gives Patches a really sad look before he continues to swim around a bit. “Totodile, you can’t just stay here…” Totodile perks up at the mention of staying and begins to practically dance in the water. “I mean, I know you spend a lot of time in your ball when you’re with me it’s just that I don’t have a whole lot of water like Gary does.” The Totodile gives Patches a pleading look. “I guess I do feel bad that I haven’t been spending a lot of time with you and you do seem really happy here, but it’s not up to me. This is Gary’s house.”

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