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D: The last time I made a list of requests I had to do, it was when I was drawing all those avatars... I think the list went as high as 17? But then again, I had enough time that I could do at least one a day, and they were "simple". >_<

Uwah, I need to learn to be more efficient.

The requests are spoilered because they're messy and I mostly copy/pasted from wherever I got them from. I know some of these were from PMs, so if you want, I can remove them, but people will still see them beforehand... :x

1. For Xanderketsu

Spoiler: show

The scene includes two beings, a boy and his purple Typhlosion, Rex Pyro. I have chosen purple because as the first shiny sprite in the GSC games, I find it superior to the current red shiny. An example for reference.

A description of the boy. I'll make it simple in bullets:
  • 16 year old African American male.
  • Thin rectanglar glasses. Behind those are hazel eyes.
  • Clothes: Black button down t-shirt with a red flame design, keep it closed, but can show some skin. Black swim trunks with a purple flame design.

Setting: A beach. Yeah, as much as I love fire types, I'm a swimmer. Both me and the Typhlosion should be preeetty chill, lying on a towel, basking in the sun.

Can this be down? Ask me if more details need to be added.

2. For Pengyzu

Spoiler: show
Hmm... maybe Glaceon and hmm... a little kid with black, straight but fluffy and fuzzy hair wearing a white shirt with a black and blue jacket and some light blue jeanssitting on top a roof of a clocktower eating saltwater ice cream. A reference to kingdom hearts. Can the ice cream be same color as the one used in the kingdom hearts games and also be a popsicle :3 I'm not good at drawing lawl... Hmmm.... kind of like Aaron in the elite four with black hair, no tuff and is a cute kid :3 Wears a black and blue jacket. Any style, with hood. And then, some light blue/faded jeans. Eating ice cream on a clocktower with Glaceon ;3

3. For KratosAurion

Spoiler: show
Hey Daisy, mind if I change my request to something involving Remi Altava? I think her and a Baltoy, perhaps analyzing it with a magnifying glass, would be fine. I'd love to see you draw it on stream, though.

4. For Roglef

Spoiler: show
Well I was thinking of doing a kind of split screen thing like in the game (I don't know if you've played it or not, so here is a pic).

But it doesn't have to be nearly as complex in the background or anything. Just neku in the bottom fighting something simple (like maybe even just one of those jellyfish or a pokemon), and then I thought about having Lucario on the top side fighting something else simple, or maybe a pokemon.

Again, it doesn't have to be crazy as far as the backgrounds or anything. Do you think you would be able to do something like this? Here is a better picture of neku.

Hmmmm. Well, could you do a Blaziken just being awesome instead? Maybe like this?

Well the game has pins that you use on the bottom screen which are those 4 circles. Maybe they could be like a poke,great,ultra,and timer ball or something? and he could be trying to catch one? Like with the red capture beam coming out of a pokeball he has (if you know what I mean?).

I saw the background and it was crazy complex, so maybe something something like a simplified version of Castelia's gym in the anime? Like this

5. For Sneezy

Spoiler: show
[For the trainer, looks like this, but with a thinner face down to a pointed chin, and some nice insomnia circles. Dark brown hair, and make the clothes dark, though they don't need to be black. Holding a sword that looks like this.

Have the trainer riding a Ponyta, with yellow eyes, a pure white coat, and dark purple flames, to give it a rather demonic look.

Finally a Sabley riding on the trainer's back, peering over his shoulder.

And a nice swamp background would be nice.

Please and thank you~

6. For Kairne

Spoiler: show
I don't mind waiting awhile at all. I just wanted to get my Dragonair before I used it. My idea is a Crystal cavern, similar to the original Dark Dragonair card, with me reading a book and a Dragonair and Umbreon near me, Dragonair on a crystal and Umbreon with lavender rings nibbling on one of the crystals. And the Dragonair an icy lavender-blue, like this, but a bit darker

Best reference for hair
Another pic
And another, a favorite
A more clear shot of body size and shape

I am about 1.85 m in height, 131.5 kg in weight, so I'm kinda fat. Waist about 110 cm around, broad shoulders. I like my hair the bronzy-blond color it is right now.

As for clothes, I'd like a long sleeve dark green shirt, a pale pink tee over it, and a black vest, open-fronted, over it. grey/black jeans, rolled cuffs, and black jump boots. oblong rectangular glasses, either a slight lavender tint, or no tint at all. If it's not too much...

And the book I read, I'd prefer it have a pentagram on it, and I'd prefer to have a silver chain necklace with a small lock on the front, not a choker, but a nice collar-type necklace

I thought of something, actually, for mine. Dewott, wielding a sword like the Swordsman of Landstar's. Me (hoping you still have the pics of me), wielding a falchion, sparring with him. Background is a simple meadow, littered with stones. Preferably me with a medium-short, bronzed mohawk (and shorter hair), and similar outfit to what is earlier described

7. For Celebi151

Spoiler: show
Thanks! Sorry for taking so long to reply. I would like me in the picture, dressed exactly like a Psychic from BW. I should be at night, under a full moon, in a mountain area. A Murkrow will be flying overhead(I know how much you enjoy drawing birds) and an Umbreon will be by my side. I hope this is descriptive enough.

8. For Charminions

Spoiler: show
Oh it's no problem, I don't mind waiting and thanks!

I'd like an avatar of a badass Blaziken and a 15 year old boy with tanned skin nexted to him. The boy has long black silky hair, something like this. A black t-shirt with a fiery skull design (just a skull surrounded by fire). Black ripped jeans if you draw the bottom part of them too. Both the Blaziken and the boy with a shady/evil look in their eyes. The background can be something that can help them look more evil. Maybe in the night time or something. If that's too hard a badass, evil Blaziken with badass, evil background is fine.

Thanks again!

9. For Ethereal

Spoiler: show
A Spinarak, Mime Jr, and Litwick playing together. the rest is up to you

10. For TheNthDoctor

Spoiler: show
Would you be able to draw a Murkrow sending a Twister at a Druddigon? The location is the Golden Saucer from FF VII and as the twister hits the druddigon, it also picks up Cotton Candy and becomes a Cotton Candy Twister (this was how it was described in my battle with Poke_Hunter)

11. For Unownmew

Spoiler: show
Hmm, I'm having an identity crisis. I want to request something, but I don't know what.
Something to represent my steampunk side, my assassin side, or my pokemon side (My username, or a trainer?) Or just a nice work of art in general.

Lets go with my alter-ego pokemon trainer, slightly modified, next to my favorite pokemon, Gardevoir
My normal alter-ego trainer, is a serious, dark clothed older teen with a black hood and cape. (Spawned from a sprite splice of Lance and a Magma Grunt, I did myself)

I'm thinking, keep the cape, but put the hood down (black hair, nothing wild, with a serious expression on the face). A broad loose belt (the kind that hangs slanted on the waist) with a pokeball peeking from the back, and boot-quality shoes. If you can find a way to incorporate a gold pocketwatch chain, I'd love that too, just don't do a vest unless it looks good with the cape and the color scheme.
Colors of the clothes can be of your choice, but please stay within cool and darker colors for the main pieces. Any adornment may use brighter or warmer colors if they look good. Pose is up to you, but please make it look confident and cool, whatever looks good to you.

For the Gardevoir next to the trainer, eyes slightly narrowed in a serious expression, battle-ready pose, readying a small but chaotic and powerful psychic-energy-style shadowball with one hand for release. Please have at least one of her legs visible (partly or mostly, your choice), and a slightly better developed chest then stock Gardevoir pictures. (nothing really big, just noticeable.)

*looks back*
That's a lot of details. >_> Feel free to adjust them to fit better with what you can do, or make it look more attractive then I described (I'm poor at imaging things), mostly I want the feel carried over to the picture, so I tried to convey the feeling as best I could through the details I listed. (Serious and combative) Make sure to have fun with it though.

Hi, I'm Daisy!

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Credits to Charm for making this!

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Thanks Pingu for being so nice and making me this~

Credit to TheKnightsFury for the sprite!

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