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Myrtle rolled her eyes as Mr. Nose started to become upset by the Shuppet's less-than-kind reaction to his interest in her as a handkerchief, though as she started to feed on his sudden outpouring of sadness, she found herself fairly surprised at its intensity. This did not make the Nosepass any less creepy, however. "Oh, quit your sni-vel-ing," groaned Myrtle. "There are mil-li-ons of pie-ces of cloth in this world. Go choose one that is not pos-sessed, why don't you?"

Pomona, on the other hand, looked genuinely upset at how sad the Nosepass had gotten, and used her vines to wrap him in a hug. "Oh, please don't be sad, Mr. Nose," Pomona pleaded. "In fact, wait here a second..." She dashed off, and returned within minutes with a handkerchief clearly made from leaves, flower petals, and String Shot. "Here, how's this?" Pomona asked, using her vines to hand the homemade handkerchief to Mr. Nose. "I made it myself using Leaf Storm, Petal Dance, and String Shot. Go on, take it, it's nice and soft," the Ivysaur urged him.

As Rose selected a channel on the TV, Chuck smiled as he started to watch the show that was starting. "I've never watched this before," he admitted, though his voice indicated his clear interest in watching it for the first time in any case. Of course, all that really mattered to him right now was that he was with Rose.

As Coselle was holding Roggenrola, Cyanide walked up beside her and nudged her with her head, the Umbreon clearly looking for a little attention.

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