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Re: Gary's Super Dooper Lair of Deum!

Gary chuckled as well as BonBon and Scurvy tried to out-cute each other on the opposite trainers' shoulders, Scurvy grinning widely as Kaya's piratey reply, giving a happy little "Arr!" in return. The telepathic taunting of Kaya's Espeon, Saki then rung through their minds, and Gary glanced at the tv. "Oh! I heard about the violent storms at the Sapphire Islands all over the news! Is everything alright over there? If you need any help moving anything, feel free to ask us too, the gang and I'd be more than happy to help out with anything."
Meanwhile, Espy watched Saki intently as she introduced herself, his tail still swishing back and forth. <A good battle, huh?> he replied, <Have you ever tried battling dark types before?> Espy eyed Flare, the houndoom, who was lying idly on the cushion by the TV and then at Thorn, the Cacturne, who was leaning against the back wall of the room, near where all the plants were. <It's fun pulling tricks on them sometimes, just gotta be careful not to get caught.>
Kaya commented how Saki's been on edge lately and Gary smiled. "Espy may be young, but he can handle himself. I've been trying to spend as much time with each of my pokemon, but my team keeps getting bigger and bigger and sometimes its hard to train them each, all the time. I just got a Tauros now too, dunno if you saw him outside or not. His name's Memphis."
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