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Re: Gary's Super Dooper Lair of Deum!

Gary laughed as BonBon hopped up onto his shoulder and gave him another quick pat on the head. "What a cute little fella'," he repeated, smiling. Kaya then sent out an Espeon of her own, who lifted the two of them into the base. "Wow it's cool in here..." Kaya commented, making Gary grin. "Thanks Kaya, we sure worked hard to get it nice." Gary laughed as BonBon poked his cheek and inflated them with air while BonBon did so.
Upon seeing the little Pichu on Gary's shoulder, Scurvy quickly hobbled down from the tree branches above that made part of the ceiling and sat on Kaya's shoulder, loosely wrapping his tail around her neck. "Arr!" he greeted, grinning as he hugged Kaya. He then stared across at his cute contest rival and winked. Meanwhile, Espy noticed another psychic presence nearby and turned around, watching another Espeon approach him. Not really knowing what to say, he sputtered telepathically, "Hey.. uh, how's it going? I'm Espy." He smiled slightly and sniffed her scent for a moment before sitting down, his forked tail swishing back and forth.
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