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Re: Gary's Super Dooper Lair of Deum!

“Gary! Gary! GARRRYYY!” someone was calling out. “Whatttttt?” Gary replied, sticking his head out the doorway of his base, located deep in the Cloud Forest. Seeing who it was, Gary let out a laugh. “Oh, hi there Stu! Long time, no see!” It was his grate… I mean great friend Stu who was accompanies by a good number of his pokemon, the biggest among them being none other than, “Memphis!”

Gary grinned in delinght as he hurried down the ladder to the ground, Scurvy the Aipom jumping on Gary’s head as he did so. Gary hurried over to the Tauros and gave him a gentle rub on the head. “You’re looking well, I knew you’d be in good hands with Stu.” He smiled warmly as the Tauros let out a moo.

“So how’ve ya been, Stu?” Gary asked. “I see you’ve got lots of new pokemon, that must be fun. I’ve got some new guys too, maybe they could be friends!” Scurvy eagerly grinned and chanted “Arr!” at this proposition, scampering down to ground level to introduce himself to all of Stu’s pokemon. Gary then face palmed. “Oh, where are my manners… come on in guys! Memphis can stay out here and catch up with some of his old team mates if that’s alright with him.” As he said that, Rena the Stantler had walked over into the clearing, and the head of Coco the Tropius could be seen poking out of the foliage. Gary then began to head up the ladder, inviting Stu and gang along. As he did so, he chuckled as he saw the heads of a Larvitar, Turtwig, Bulbasaur, and Espeon poking out of the doorway.
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