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Re: Gary's Super Dooper Lair of Deum!

Stu was wondering the Cloud Garden on Memphis in yet another attempt to find Gary's Super Dooper Lair of Deum. He had been there a few times before, it’s just he never really remembered where it was and tended to stumble into it one way or another. Anyway it was a sunny day and Stu had all five of his newest Pokemon with him: Memphis the Tauros he received from Gary, Cady the newly evolved Leafeon, Carl, Steve and Greg the Combee, Nikki the psycho Trash Coat Burmy and West the Starly who Stu barely knew anything about. Stu, Carl, Steve, Greg and Nikki were all riding on Memphis, while Cady was walking alongside them slowly because she loved soaking in the sunlight and West was flying high above them in the sky. Suddenly Memphis jerked and flung Stu and his Pokemon off and onto the soft grass of the Cloud Forest. “Gary warned you might do that,” Stu laughed as he stood up and brushed the grass off himself. However, Nikki didn’t look as amused as she gained a psychotic look in her eye and eyed up Memphis. She then charged swiftly at him and smashed into him with a tackle, sending him into a wild frenzy as he ran towards a tree and then quickly turned around and charged back at Nikki.

“Carl, Steve and Greg stop this with Giga Impact!” Stu screamed at the top of his lungs as the little Combee began to glow with a magnificent orange light and charged right into both of the Pokemon that were currently fighting. After the smoke from the explosion of the attack cleared Stu instantly noticed Nikki looking a bit stunned and Memphis looking less pissed off. But the poor little Combee on the floor practically knocked out from the energy consumption. “Ahhh, I’m so sorry…” Stu’s voice trailed off as he jumped onto the ground and picked up his poor little Combee. “Poor guy, I’m sure Gary will let you rest when we get to his place but that Giga Impact was wonderful.” While all this was going on Cady was lying on the grass elsewhere soaking up as many sun rays as she could and West was flying around in giant circles above the Cloud Forest.

After that little incident Nikki and Memphis decided to behave as Stu decided he’d walk holding his Combee tightly as they had used so much energy with that one attack. West chirped loudly as he saw the tree that he knew was Gary’s base, as Stu had tried hard to describe it as well as he could, which lead to Stu bursting into a sprint to get there. As he ran through the trees and into the clearing where Gary’s base was he couldn’t help but smile as the sun shined brightly. Not too long after he had reached it West came down and landed on his shoulder, while Memphis, Nikki and Cady all followed and ended up standing behind their trainer. “Gary! Gary! GARRRYYY!” Stu shouted at the top of his lungs to hopefully get the attention of his friend about his arrival.
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