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Re: Gary's Super Dooper Lair of Deum!

Walking through the forest, a very frustrated trainer was now ready to admeat defeat, he was totally lost. On the plus side, he didn't have to fear being all alone, so he wasn't defenseless. However, company wouldn't save him from eventual starvation, nor loss of sanity. Next to the hopeless trainer were several of his pokemon, a strapping mightyena who gave a comforting stare to his trainer, a very tall Medicham was meditating as he caught opportunity of this sudden break , aka his trainers meltdown, and finally, the remaining two were the smallest of them all, a very young Nidoran who was clinging onto a trainer, and an eager Cyndaquil who was the furthest away from the trainer. Haku gave a big sigh, and observed his pokemon, they all seemed to be rather calm and cool, well, almost everyone. Hermos the Cyndaquil was begining to squeak and raise his arms about, and after seeing almost no response, he decided to finish with the break. "Hermos wait, you have no clue where you're going, you could get us even more lost, right guys?" declared the trainer. The pokemon however, turned their heads about. Lucy, the mightyena began sniffing about and agreed with Hermos' path choice, she could smell their target, among other scents. Usagi, opened his mouth and released several waves through the forest, he then flipped his ears about, and nodded softly. Chronos, the remaining pokemon, snapped out of his meditating trance, stood up, closed his eyes, and by the second he also nodded, before walking towards Hermos. "I guess Hermos is right, but I wonder how he knows..." began thinking the trainer, as he was running his way through the forest, chasing after his clearly speedy pokemon. After many green blurs, the pokemon stopped, and a now running out of breath Haku was relieved. "Finally, we're here," he declared. He inspected the ground a bit, following by a quick head count, and then placed his sights on a huge tree standing in front of them. "Hm.. so how do we get up there?" asked the trainer, unaware he was not speaking to himself. In a matter of a blink of an eye, Hermos quickly scanned the tree, before dashing into the tree, and climbing a ladder made from some vines. Haku grabbed nidoran and placed him in his backpack, with the pokemon's head sticking out, and then made his way to the entrance of the giant treehouse. As soon as he climbed his way to the top, he looked to the side, and Lucy and Cronos were already there. A bit confused, he touched them both, making sure he wasn't hallucinating. Seeing the perplexed look on his trainer, Chronos disappeared from sight, and then warped in front of Haku with a wide smile. "Of course, they telentransported" thought the trainer, a little embarrased.He then noticed the absence of his troublesome Hermos, until disturbed by the sound of a g note followed by a second c note. "Looks like Hermos made his way into the base already, better follow him," declared the trainer. The notes quickly bombarded the tree house, and the trainer laughed a bit, whispering "technology these days" to himself. Next to him was a heartbroken Hermos, who was sitting and sobbing on the floor. In front of Hermos were two unknown halls, as this was their first visit to their friend Gary. "Better wait for Gary to come" said Haku, and their pokemon quickly settled down.
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