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I feel more excited than this than I did for X/Y. I didn't play X/Y or ORAS until about a year after their releases. This intruiges me more. Potentially because Black/White 1/2 didn't grab me too much so my disinterest lingered.

I think I have hope after how much I enjoyed ORAS that they can keep the momentum going and deliver us with a really good story, strong graphics and some actually decent new Pokémon. I think in terms of new Pokémon less is more. Less quantity, but more genuinely interesting looking Pokémon with interesting type combinations.

Also I kind of hope this is set in the super far distant future. That would really make it stand out and set it apart from the rest of the series. And I hope the story delivers. BW 1/2 had a pretty good plot, and X/Y was okay so hopefully they can really go all out this time and pull through. I have faith.
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