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English version of "The Pokémon Cookbook" incoming.

Viz expanding out into translating cookbooks...? Nah prolly not besides this one. But its a slight step in the direction of getting non-manga/novel anime books (info books and the like) in the west maybe, maybe not?


We haven’t announced this yet, we are going to be spinning off into some other publishing as well with Pokemon. We’re going to be doing our Pokemon Cookbook; that’s coming out in December and is aimed at kids. You can learn about Pikachu ramen and Poke Ball sushi rolls and Mashed Meowth Potatoes, and Psyduck omelets. All of the recipes are made to look like the faces or the body of a character from Pokemon. It’s really fun, we’re very excited about it.
But will it teach us how to make jelly donuts?
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