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Originally Posted by Prof.Enigma View Post

Your Keystone resonated with your heart, and energy shot out of your band in the spirit realm, as well as the real world, Lily's mother and lucario held onto your arms and with a painful yank, your spirit bodies were pulled from the spirit realm and back into the real world.

To all who was present, it was quite a spectical. Golden energy shot out of the sparking blackness from within Dianice and three Golden Spheres came out, and shot into three bodies that were lifeless until now.

You awoke with a gasp, and Blastoise stepped away from you, startled as everyone else. Lily's mother and Lucario as well snapped back. With a huge push of effort they tugged and pulled the chains out of their former captors hands and stumbled back away from the podium from whence they were kneeling formerly.

Your Keystone however in this world remained inactive... But in the spirit world you could see you had some kind of bond with Blastiose... But why hasn't he mega Evolved yet? Surely the both of you could... Right?

In their Arrogance Mister and Misses Dusk neglected to remove Cassandra's Keystone, nor her partners corrisponding mega Stone.
Cassandra gripped her Keystone necklace and closed her eyes, a sparkling white aura enveloping herself and her Lucario.

This was a True Mega Evolution, forged with the ultimate of bonds between Trainer and Pokemon. It filled the surrounding area with a warmth unlike any thing anyone ever felt before. Somehow this was beyond that of even the Champions and Gym leaders bonds with their pokemon, They were known for having what was formerly thought to be the tightest bonds with their pokemon... Until you looked upon Cassandra and Lucario.

With her bond energy radiating off them in waves, the Dark Megavolution that Diancie was being subjected to was being pushed back even farther. But it still wasnt enought to completely stop the evil evolution from finishing. Mega Diancie had a souless look upon its eyes and its normal Pink crystals looked black with red viens.

Perhaps if you and Lily had a bond with your partners as strong as Cassandra's perhaps you could undo this dark evolution without needing to Hurt Diancie.


Grovyle and Frogadier were the "Quickest" to recover from the events spectacle and proceeded to plummel the Honchcrow. Dazzling Gleam from Frogadier stunned the Honchcrow more than it already was, and both the pokemon smacked it hard with their fists cloaked in electricity. Slamming the bird into the floor from whence it didn't move and was truly unconcious and beaten.

Monferno was also quick to recover and while Blastiose worked out something with Xander, he kept the Mega Scizor occupied with repeated punches that tried to drain the Dark Mega, and Flanethrower streams it used to keep the Scizor focused on him and him alone.


Outside the Cavern, Bayleaf and Charizard were tending to the wounded and keeping the children calm as they reunited them to their parents. Some big tug at their hearts told them that Xander was back, and things were going to be okay. For now at least.

How will you solve your issue with Blastiose that is keeping the two of you from mega evolving? What will you do Next?

( for compensation of my forgetting Bayleaf was around and Charizards fight, both recieve four levels. Charizard recieves one level for each mon he fought against, and Bayleaf earns four Levels for the constant healing and treating the wounded while fighting with the rescues to escape the camp. Everyone present with the battle of Honchrow earned an additional two levels. )
(Charizard gained 4 levels. Bayleef gained 4 levels. Blastoise gained 2 levels. Grovyle gained 2 levels. Monferno gained 2 levels. Frogadier gained 2 levels.

Xander sighed with relief. He never wanted to go through anything like that again, ever! The situation he had emerged into wasn't the greatest though. In his absence, Blastoise had taken the lead, something he never thought he'd see. The trio of Monferno, Frogadier and Grovyle were pleased to see their trainer conscious again. With the Honchkrow down, the balance of the battle was back in their favour. The Dusknoir was still a threat, but priority was on the Scizor and stopping Diancie's dark Mega Evolution. "Monferno, Grovyle, Frogadier, put that Dusknoir out of commission. Grovyle, Leaf Storm! Frogadier, Hydro Pump! Monferno, finish it with Flare Blitz!" Xander hoped that the trio would be enough to contain the Dusknoir. It would allow Lily and her Lucario to focus on trying to Mega Evolve and give Xander a chance to work out his issue with Blastoise....

The turtle had been fighting with every ounce of strength he had since Xander went down. He'd been driven during this whole debacle. Ignoring orders to rush into danger, this wasn't the same Wartortle from when they'd first met. Maybe he'd been different for a while and Xander had just missed it? Either way, it was impossible not to recognise it now. "Blastoise, you can do this!" The trainer shouted, "I've been watching everything, I saw your reaction when I went down and how hard you worked to protect Lily and myself in my absence. You're not the selfish, fool hardy Wartortle I once knew, you're a proud and valiant Blastoise now! So how about we show these bastards some real power?!" Xander held up his wrist, attempting again to achieve the Mega Evolution. Should it work, he'd order a triple Water Pulse, one from each of the Mega Blastoise's cannons.

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