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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Lil'twick: Interested by the Prince's somewhat sullen mood as well as what she has to show you, you take the time to secure the swooning fairy atop the Carbink's crown, Carrot not minding at all and actually seems to be cheerier given the chromatic similarity of the Flabebe's flower to them. Stepping away from the festival though, it soon becomes clear that there was indeed something afoot in this paradise, and as you and your pokemon ventured out of the grotto, the silence and atmosphere was deafening, and not in a positive way. Trying to remain positive, you nevertheless approach the Prince as she hovers near the edge of the garden, and as you gasp to her, the sudden speed winding you a little, the Floette turns to you and gives a smile.

"Observe, if you could, the edge of this world," she begins, gesturing to the island's cliff. Before you, the garden's perimeter seems ragged, and as you watch, a small part of the ground lights up before separating from the isle, and drifts away from you, vanishing into the sky just before you.

"Allow me to extrapolate, Leo. Where you currently stand, this expanse above the Feywood...the Cosmic Clearing, I believe the people of your world call it? It is in essence innumerable smaller worlds, a land of dreamscapes, brought to life by the wishes and thoughts of everyone in the world, be they people or pokemon. Our own...let us call them 'pocket worlds'...our own pocket world was formed by the dreams of a wanderer of a region ravaged by war. The wanderer had lost a close friend to the war, and in their grief dreamt of an ideal world where that friend could live on."

"The wanderer's grief led them to perform the unthinkable, and they created a device to bring their friend back from the grave, but this came at great cost, for soon afterwards the wanderer's grief grew to anger, and they turned their creation on those who would hurt their friend. With it, the wanderer ended the war in merciless, callous fashion, and countless innocents perished. That friend could not forgive the wanderer for their actions, and abandoned them for several millenia, the wanderer having inadvertently became immortal..."

The Prince takes a pause for breath, during which another fragment of the isle is lost to the void. "This tale I tell, it is of course of the Kalos War, and the wanderer being the Lost King. That friend, however, is not me. Rather, that friend is my ancestor, and through their sorrow they resided on this very pocket world, watching their master come to terms with their tragic decisions."

"This world, you may notice, is crumbling. Dying. It requires emotions to remain strong, indeed, ours is born through the emotional state of joy. While born of melancholy, it is peace and happiness that gives this world life, without which we would end up among the stars, without a place to call home, and the immortal king would never be free of his melancholy."

"Lately however our peace has been stricken by what I may only presume to be...pirates. Pirates may not be the correct term to use, but some roving band of miscreants have been coming to our home and causing trouble, and making our lives uneasy, which has only accelerated the decay of our home. This island is only a fraction of its original size, and when you arrived, I initially feared the worst. And yet..." she pauses once more, wistful face changing to a gentle smile.

" came here, and showed nothing but goodwill to our residents. This brings me to the topic at hand. Leo, if I could request your-"

The Prince's speech is suddenly interrupted by a deep rumble and a ripple in the sky above the grotto, and the Floette's demeanour hardens, grave concern on her face. "They're back. Oh heavens, not today of all days..." she whimpers as she grabs her unique flower and darts suddenly towards the grotto, where the ripple appears to be situated. Without a moment to spare, you give chase, following the Prince as you rush back to the grotto.

Your group arrives just in time to see the Shiftry's glowering face staring up at the sky, where the ripple has opened to a full on entrance, the countless stars of the Clearing above you, and descending from that opening are a trio of pokemon and a small bombardment of sludge pellets and rocks thrown down from two of the three. The poison splats seem to be emerging from a floating purple orblike pokemon with a prominent skull and crossbones, while the rocks are being lobbed out of a red-shelled creature with noodly limbs, while a larger quadruped gives a cackle as the unnatural stench of the purple and white creature drives much of the festival goers into a retching panic.

The Koffing and Shuckle touch down first, giving a rowdy set of whoops before the Sunktank slams into the ground, screeching out a raucous noise that drills right through your ears, the apparent ringleader of this not-so-motley crew giving a holler.


With that, the Shuckle begins to make its way to the snacks you baked, gluttonous fervour in its very slow steps while the Koffing levitates above you, pumping out a choking smokescreen as it begins to whirl around and form a disco haze. The Skuntank meanwhile readies itself before catching the Shiftry in the gut with a sudden sucker punch, the Wicked pokemon crying out from the sudden strike and landing in a heap, wincing from what, strangely, seemed to hit it rather effectively.

What'll you do regarding these gatecrashers?
Leo listened attentively to the Prince's story. It intrigue him, as he once heard something similar before. It was a Kalos folktale that he heard during his travels in Kalos. Culinary school was rough there, and he was still looking to improve, but it gave him some interesting lore of the region. Besides, he wouldn't have met Cott if it wasn't for that, so that's always a bonus.

Before he could really comment on anything, he could see the Floette's face turn into a grimace as she rushed towards the grotto. Something bad was about to go down, he could feel it his guts. He rushed after her, wanting to make sure he'd be able to arrive in time, and that he did.

He looked at the Shiftry look skywards as a trio of shilloutes descended onto the party, attacking with mud and sludge as they did so.

"This must be the band of ruffians..." Leo thought to himself as the trio came into few.

A gluttonous Shuckle and what seemed like a pure lackey of a Koffing touched down first. Then was their leader, a rancorous yet boisterous Skuntank. The skunk started to screech everywhere, mad that it wasn't invited to the party before it started to wreak havoc.

"Everything here is already falling apart... This world needs to exist despite its melancholic origins. And this trio is just causing chaos," Leo softly spoke as the Koffing's Smokescreen started to blanket the area. The Shiftry was trying its best to fight the Skuntank, but it seemed to have a really difficult time taking the Sucker Punch.

"If you want chaos, then I'll show you chaos!" Leo shouts, his eyed filled with determination.

"Custard, Cott, both of your use Fairy Wind to clear the Smokescreen! Honey you Stun Spore that Shuckle, and Carrot give it a Smack Down. Nothing eats my food without my permission! Souffle, Sing a little song for that Koffing. Sprinkles, I want you to help assist whoever you can buddy," he starts to give out orders to his squad before stomping onto the ground.

"I will do whatever it takes to see the Prince smile!" He roars. The one thing above all else he learned from his time with Team Skull. Have fun and live life to its fullest. If he needed to be joyous then he certainly damn would.

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