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Max Starfall using dazzling gleam as the base move ( base power 80 )

Akuma shrugged back after the Surf caused by the Kingdra crashed into him, the fog swirled around thanks to the effects of the previous Starfall.

Two things Krelia noted, was that Max moves set up terrains but only if the move type matched the terrain type, and that this Kingdra was certainly a force of nature in its own since it's Dynamaxing.
Krelia wondered how Pokemon naturally Dynamaxed, because even in her world this phenomenon hadn't been explained yet.

She turned and looked about with the fellow trainers who gathered around the Dynamax Power Spot and their Pokemon, it was helpful that the Laparas and Togetic both helped heal everyone up with Life dew. But it was also helpful to have those like Azumarill and Goomey who's attacks still helped out along with the chinchou though Krelia was deeply amazed all the Pokemon still survived the brutal onslaught of moves. It wasn't much of a surprise that Togetic shrugged off the Wrymwind as it was a dragon based move and Togetic was a fairy type.

Krelia turned her attention back to Akuma and the Kingdra just as Akuma gathered up energy to unleash yet another Max Starfall

But the question was, would this be enough? Can everyone over power this Kingdra and calm it down, returning it to normal and it's ... Normal size?
Another weird thing was that Dynamaxing didn't change a Pokemons weight nor proportions, it was like a projection of its self with a huge increase in power and a complete change in it's moves....

All Krelia could do was hop and Continue the onslaught with Akuma and the rest of the trainers gathered here.

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