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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post


Immediately, forcefully, the man takes your Bag from you to confirm your testimony. It isn’t until he scans your Trainer ID thoroughly, alternating between the document and your face several times, that he seems to loosen up a bit.

“Hm. Checks out.”

With a whistle, he calls the Growlithe keeping your partners pinned down back to him, and lowers his gun – though he does not store it away. It is only now that you allow yourself to take a proper look at the man, now that there isn’t a loaded weapon between him and you – the officer must be somewhere in his fifties, and his expression is one of exhaustion, visible even beneath his grizzly beard and obscuring sunglasses. Clearly this whole situation has him on edge, even if he seems to have come to terms with the fact you’re not dangerous – because even if you aren’t, someone else hiding in the area clearly is!

“Sorry about that,” he mumbles in a low tone, clearly unused to apologizing. “Tell your Pokémon to keep their damn heads down and take cover, I won’t be responsible for what happens to them or to you.”

He rises slightly from his cover and prepares to move back out into the open, weapon in wrist, but stops mid-motion before looking back to you.

“A dangerous Pokémon trafficker – man or woman, no idea - came to shore on one of the cargo ships that docked today,” he finally explains. “We got word of it, but by the time we got here, they’d already moved to the Industrial Complex – we believe they intended to continue onwards to the Railyard and catch a train out of town, but the guard stationed here at Bullarum caught them breaking in. They made the man hostage, along with the workers of that canned Finneon factory, some twenty people in total.”

He sighs and brings his fingers to his temples, haunted by a stress migraine.

“We issued an evac order on the rest of the Complex, but now we have to break into that factory and take that criminal down. And as you can see, he or she’s got a one-up on us, sniping from an unknown location as soon as we stick our necks out. For a moment, I thought you were the one we’re after, making a run for it before we arrived – we didn’t expect civilians out in the open. Again… sorry about that.”

He peers over cover, towards the large white warehouse two buildings away from your current location – “Finne-Can”, reads the bright red sign above the front door. The criminal is hiding there, peering through one of the many windows of the two-story building, and he’s got hostages with him…

“Listen girl… I mean, Athena. My name’s Trent Gatt; I’m the Captain in charge of this operation. Keep heading south from here and you’ll reach a blockade – tell the guys there I sent you and they’ll let you through, then get as far away from Bullarum as you can. This is no place for young adventurers right now.”

Well, you have your orders… what will you do?

Athena relaxed as the weapon was removed from its position against her head. Her Pokemon scrambled to her side, Eclair letting out an angry hiss at the Growlithe who had been subduing her. She brought Monte into her arms to comfort him, the young Scraggy excited to be reunited with his trainer.

Her eyes widened as the officer told her the situation. Of course she had to find herself here while there was a dangerous criminal on the loose. The word 'hostages' piqued her interest, but she didn't let it show on her face.

"Thank you, sir," Athena said to the police Captain. She took her bag back and slipped the straps over her shoulders, then stood and dusted off her skirt. "I'll do that. Good luck to all of you."

She gave a small wave over her shoulder as she walked away from the officers and their Pokemon. Eclair followed close behind and Monte had climbed into her backpack, his head poking out of the top. Eclair gave Athena a knowing look, and as soon as they were far enough out of sight from the police, they ducked behind a shipping container.

"Hmmm I feel bad doing this but..." Athena said quietly to her Pokemon. She was crouched, looking around the corner of the container at the Finne-Can factory. "It would be boring just to go back, right?" Eclair snickered at her trainer.

"Let's find a way in there," she begin to plan with her Mawile. "Stay low, hide if you need to. And if you see another one of those Poison Stings, knock it away for me, ok?" Eclair nodded in understanding, the Steel-type unafraid of any poison moves they might encounter.

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