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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
TheKnightsFury: At the sight of the armor-coated insects, rage grips you tight. Fueled by a vendetta lasting nearly as long as you'd been adventuring, you are determined to put a stop to these annoying ants here and now.

As you issue your commands, your team springs into action. Boudicca joins Jim's Swinub in charging forward, each Slapping Mud towards the huddle of Durant. At the same instant, Logi - still rather winded from before - breathes in deeply, exhaling out a Wave of Heat. Quickly, Atalanta flaps her wings, lacing a rather Ominous looking Wind into the Heat Wave, propelling it ahead of the duo of Ground-types to the insect quartet.

Minding their own business, the Durant are caught by surprise when two of their own get a face full of mud. More an annoyance than anything, neither seems particularly harmed by the Mud Slap, though they do find the mud disrupts their vision as they move to wipe it away. Unfortunately, that is the moment the Ominous Wind-infused Heat Wave reaches them. You hear the Durant quartet bellow screeches of pain as their metal armors rapidly heat up, the mud from earlier drying out into a hard coat over the two unlucky Durants' eyes.

The foursome angrily chitter in their own language, before the two mud-covered Durant branch off and head vaguely in your and your team's direction. Of the other two, both glowing slightly from the heat, one begins unintelligibly Screeching. The noise grates against your ears, and you see that all your team and Jim's Swinub react similarly, blocking their ears where able, opening themselves for attack. Just as you think the noise is over, the other mud-free Durant grinds his Metal mandibles together, creating a hard Sound that further affects you and your team. The two then return to dismantling the steel rails, more concerned with their task than the attackers.

Under the cover of these distractions, the two blinded Durant rush forward with surprising speed. One Hustles toward Boudicca, his Metal mandibles reaching out like a pair of Claws to swipe at the donkey...

...Unfortunately, between his mad rush and his blinded state, he runs right by Boudicca and rams into the nearby track, bending the steel and flipping himself onto his back. The other Durant Hustles at Jim's Swinub in a similar Metal Claw maneuver, with much better success. Caught unaware from the cacophonous noise, Jim's Swinub howls out as a large gash opens on his left flank, soaking the surrounding fur red.

In retaliation, the Swinub weakly Slaps another paw of Mud across the Durant's face, just barely knocking him backwards and further blinding him. Over by the rails, Boudicca does the same to the unlucky Durant, Slapping Mud across its underbelly. At the same time, Logi and Atalanta set up a second Ominous Wind-Heat Wave combo, Logi wheezing slightly as he exhales. You get the feeling that between this battle and the earlier work, he'll only manage another Heat Wave, maybe two if he really pushes himself. As the wind combo reaches the various Durant, they again screech out as their super-heated armor begins cooking their insides. Also, again, the mud covering the two Durant on the offensive hardens, making their respective conditions that much worse. And if that weren't enough, the poor unfortunate Durant flat out on his back continues to smolder, burned by the Heat Wave. That one just couldn't catch a break.

By you, Jim grits his teeth as his Swinub is injured. "Gerrold," he yells, "back off and get out of range, then unleash a Powder Snow! Freeze their asses!"

At this point, none of your team has a scratch on them thanks to lady luck. What are your orders?

(Declared 3/6: Rowlet, Mudbray, Darumaka)
Things had gone fairly well, Boudicca and Gerrold had lowered the accuracy of the Durant's allowing Logi and Atalanta to combine their power and deal a pair of devastating blows on the dastardly Durants. They surely didn't like the fire, yet Logi was beginning to run out of puff and it wouldn't be long before he began to falter. In all honesty he had been relying on the Darumaka's fire to get them through this fight, without it he feared they would struggle. Luckily Boudicca had more in her arsenal than a Mudslap, she was capable of dealing power blows herself. Seeing Gerrold get sliced open by the Durant was concerning, it seemed their mandibles were sharper than he remembered from his own experiences. The other troubling sight was how intent the Durant were on tearing up the tracks. It seemed odd, why didn't they run when the fight began, that's what he would have expected wild Pokemon to do. Were these Durant perhaps under orders? Was this an attempt at sabotage? Jayson pushed the thought from mind for now, he had to dispose of the Durant before they done more damage to his Pokemon or the tracks.

Jayson swung his backpack off and quickly searched through it, eventually finding the Pokeball he was looking for. Jayson dropped the bag to the ground and tossed the Pokeball out in front of himself, revealing Odysseus the Magnemite. The analytical Magnemite was quick to assess the situation. "Alright Odysseus the team needs your tactical skills. Metal Sound to expose the Durants, then confuse them with a Supersonic. Logi and Atalanta wait for Odysseus to use Metal Sound before combining another Heat Wave and Ominous Wind. Boudicca, keep forcing the Durants back with Earthpower, then follow it up with another Earthpower.

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