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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
TheKnightsFury: Possible scenarios shoot through your mind as you spy the troubled look of Atalanta. You worry that there's another issue, or that McCoy was already on his way back. The last would be particularly bad, especially if some other problem popped up you could have helped prevent. Debating with yourself, you eventually resolve to carry on. If McCoy does show up, you'll let your good actions speak for themselves. Besides, why ask permission when you can ask forgiveness?

Turning to Jim, you explain your worries about Atalanta's state. Proving that his reticence from earlier was not out of character, Jim quietly ponders your claim. The worker glances down at the tracks, then over to your Pokémon. As he did when Logi worked, his eyes flick up to you, homing in on the sword at your belt. Then, just as quickly, they flick over to Logi, leaning back against one of Boudicca's forelegs in rest. Coming to some kind of decision, he nods once, curtly. "Yeah, let's go check it out, kid. If it's what I'm thinking it might be, you'll be a welcome help."

Motioning you to lead the way, you look up to Atalanta, commanding her to show you what's troubled her. She immediately gives a nod, her unease not really lessening but also not increasing. At the least, you're reassured she's not leading you straight to McCoy. The Rowlet flies silently ahead of you, eye-level with you and slightly higher than for Jim. Together, the group of you begin making your way down the track at a brisk pace, heading towards the junction with the main line. Atalanta leads, with you and Jim following in silence. At your rear, Boudicca has scooped up Logi onto her back, following along at a gentle - thankfully not thunderous - trot.

It doesn't take long before you see what Atalanta had spotted. Shimmering in the sun, you see the movement of steel bodies surrounding another section of track. The crunch of metal on metal pierces through the air, harsh against your ears. Up ahead, four hustling Durant slowly, methodically, dismantle the track. You see the steel bent up in the same manner as the switch you left behind. As before, bitemarks are scattered along the metal, indentations suspiciously matching chunks of steel piled near where the Durant work.

At your side, Jim lets out a curse. "Dammit, it's what I thought. They are spreading down this way." Reaching down to his waist, the railyard worker pulls out a Pokeball, tossing it to reveal a small Swinub. "Quick, Gerrold, send a couple Mud Slaps their way. Scare 'em off!" Turning to look at you, he yells, showing more emotion than you'd seen from the man. "What are you waiting for kid? Help me get rid of these bastards!"

(Declared 3/6: Rowlet, Mudbray, Darumaka)
Jayson was pleased to see that Atalanta wasn't leading him towards McCoy. The Rowlet was still getting used to her scouting duties but she was a natural talent and he trusted her not to do something as foolish as that. Instead she had directed them to a small swarm of Durant that were tearing the track apart with their monstrous mandibles. Jayson was enraged at the sight, both because of the disregard they had for the tracks and because he disliked Durants. This wasn't without a good reason, Jayson could still remember his first experience with the Bug types during his adventure through the Unova region.

It was early in his adventure, he had only just obtained his first Pokemon in the region and it was still rather weak. He was training in a field when suddenly his Pokemon disappeared. While search for his lost Pokemon, Jayson fell into the same trap his Pokemon had. Little did he know, they had been training atop a gigantic Durant nest! They were trapped in the maze of tunnels for days, it took every ounce of strength they had to hold off the Durant and escape with their lives. He had only seen a few Durant since then and every time he had beaten them out of sheer hatred. This time would be no different.

"Thanks for the aid Jim, let's send this lot packing before they do too much damage." Boudicca copy Jim's Swinub, double Mudslap. Logi this fight has you written all over it buddy. Bathe them all in a Heat Wave, don't hold up, give them another Heat Wave. Atalanta, fan Logi's flames with Ominous Winds, push those dastardly Durant away!
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