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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
Bullarum Industrial Complex: Situated with the Harbor on one side and the Railyard on the other, the Bullarum Industrial Complex is in the perfect place for shipping and trading. Styled after the Virbank Complex in Unova, the Bullarum Complex specializes in oil refinery and distribution, though warehousing is an equally important part of the Complex’s business. Much like the Railyard, steel-types tend to gather here though fire-types and poison-types are also common. Additionally, ice-types love to gather at the cold-storage warehouses scattered around the complex.
Seiko looked nervously between the rails and scattered warehouses from the station exit, her brow creased in confusion. Um? Oh boy...

Above, past the glow of fluorescent lighting Seiko spied the heavenly bodies, perhaps the very same ones that cursed her with a foul sense of direction at birth. How did she know this? For as long as Seiko could remember, she had a penchant for losing her way. Catching a ride into an unfamiliar city, refusing to ask for directions when doing so was in her interest, attempting to navigate the trains without the aid of guides: it was clear equal parts of terrible decision-making spelled a recipe for disaster--her current predicament--in the end.

And I'm lost! Surprise, surprise. Seiko rolled her eyes and slouched, exasperated. To make matters worse, she'd neither a compass nor a map to provide her with a visual or means of navigating her current location. Moreover, an eerie silence permeated the perimeter, leading Seiko to believe that the area was deserted. Or, at least it ought to be, since she could hear nothing apart from the distant sound of the ocean tide at the Harbor side and the occasional howling of wind. It was the kind of atmosphere that made her paranoid, convincing her that lying in wait somewhere in the shadows was a menace just itching to snatch her up and do Arceus-knows-what with her.

Seiko stood erect. "There's nothing to be afraid of," she muttered, making a heartfelt attempt to reassure herself. It was however late and she had no desire to linger outdoors longer than necessary at this hour... Perhaps she could take shelter in one of the smaller warehouses nearby. Yes, that definitely seems wiser than spending the night outside.
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