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Scraggy Move Errata

Due to our current inability to edit the site, we are temporarily posting move edits in this thread to collect and officialize any changes we have made to move descriptions. Anything posted in this thread will be considered official. Please refer to this thread before referring to the site, as there have been many changes made to common moves that may effect their mechanics.

Also, some helpful definitions of terms:
Spoiler: show
Relative Damage Terms and Examples:

Minor - Thunder Wave
Light - Fake Out
Mild - Quick Attack
Moderate - Thundershock
Decent - Charge Beam
Good - Spark
Solid - Thunder Punch
Considerable - Discharge
Significant - Thunderbolt
Heavy - Zap Cannon
High - Sky Attack
Major - Thunder
Severe - Bolt Strike (Reshiram)
Massive - Leaf Storm
Extreme - Hyper Beam

Critical Health = Significant Health Remaining
Critical Energy = Extreme Energy Remaining

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