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Looking at the trailer, I get the general impression that these shorts are untold stories from each generation. Stories that we, as the player, could not have experienced in their respective games... kinda like PMD Sky's Special Episodes where the story focused on another character. I mean, look at what they've featured so far:
  • Blue's E4 Run (This is definitely before Red fought the E4, maybe this'll also feature how he ended up being Viridian's Gym Leader?)
  • Lance's Dragonite fighting against Red Gyarados (which mind you, never happened in-game. Maybe this was before Ethan/Lyra arrived at the Lake of Rage?)
  • Raikou, Entei, Suicune (Their origin story?)
  • Looker doing some... stuff. (Will this explain how Looker ended up in Battle Resort in ORAS?)
  • HGSS Giovanni (???)
  • Claydol vs. Heatran (Stark Mountain, with Claydol belonging to Buck's. This was probably when he was about to return the Magma Stone, which again we as Lucas/Dawn never see)
  • Cheryl and her Chansey being chased by a Haunter (most likely explaining why she asks Lucas/Dawn to escort her through Eterna Forest)

As for Red, he kinda technically counts as an NPC in the other regions since he's not the MC there. So far it looks like he's there to encounter the non-plot important legendaries. (Regigigas and 100% Zygarde)

Also, there's no way this thing will not have a Sun/Moon tie-in somehow.


Spoiler: show


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