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The trainers battling Abomasnow were soon joined by a few others who had come down from Delibird Ridge. More reinforcements were definitely appreciated, this Abomasnow was not going down easily. The Mega Abomasnow saw no difference in the number of its opponents, it towered over them all the same. Though its Snover subordinates had begun to be attacked, it had still received a boost from their Ingrained roots.

Melissa sent out her Sableye, Ore and directed him to get the first priority in this part of the battle. Just as Abomasnow was about to strike the group of trainers with Ice Punch, Ore landed a Sucker Punch across Abomasnow’s face. Although the Sableye was the size of a Joltik compared to the Mega Pokemon, the punch caught it off guard. Mio the Pikachu took advantage of the distraction to Flash Abomasnow with a bright light, causing it to shut its eyes and groan before blindly trying to strike anyone it could reach. She then Quickly Attacked the towering Pokemon on its opposite side. Ore, still near Abomasnow, Jabbed the Ice type with Poison. As Abomasnow regained its sight, it swats Ore away as he uses Brick Break and delivers a swift chop to Abomasnow’s body. Mio surrounded her fist with electricity and Punched Abomasnow with the power of Thunder. The electricity danced across Abomasnow’s body but was not enough to paralyze it.

After attacking Snover with Incinerate Kyle the Heatmor kept to his fire attacks and started up more flames for Fire Pledge. He sent a column of fire rushing toward Abomasnow, striking part of the fur hanging off its arm. It lifted up its arm in the air just as Kyle’s Fire Blast grazed it. It grumbled as it surrounded its arm with ice cold air and caused several Ice Shards to come up from the ground. One struck Kyle and sent him flying into the air. Before another shard can hit Hotstuff, he is surrounded by light and powerful energy. His form changes and as the light fades the Charmeleon begins to follow his trainer’s next instructions. He leapt into the air and slashed Abomasnow up and then down with Aerial Ace. Abomasnow attempted to strike Hotstuff out of the air, but the Charmeleon blew two Flamethrowers as it continued to soar through the air. Abomasnow took the damage from the fire attacks, causing it to not notice that Hotstuff had landed behind it.

Rorik and Volg decided to switch up their strategy. The Charizard used its powerful wings to make its way through the storm to the wall of the cliff that the Delibird had been on. He sent down a Rock Slide that poured down on to Abomasnow. Abomasnow raised its huge head up to blow and Icy Wind at Volg, making it harder for him to keep flying. As he comes down, the Charizard hits his opponent with Acrobatics. While his wings were still near Abomasnow, he hardened them with Steel Wing and sliced across its body. While Abomasnow is distracted with Volg, Rena Jump and Kicked the Frost Tree Pokemon. It knocked Abomasnow off balance, and Rena pushed it the rest of the way by smashing her antlers into it with Megahorn. Abomasnow yelled in anger as it was pushed into the wall of its cave. Taking a note from Volg, it swiped an Avalanche down onto Volg and Rena. Rena acted fast and blasted some rocks and snow out of the way with Hyper Beam. The move obviously took a lot out of her, and she would definitely have to take a short rest and recharge before she could attack again. Volg was nowehere to be seen under the pile of snow and rocks. The Avalanche had also landed on Kimball the Vanillite. The icy Pokemon was surprised at the amount of snow that had landed on her, but didn’t mind the cold too much. She shook off a layer of snow and ice with Autotomize and immediately felt much faster. She charged up and sent a beam of prismatic light, hitting Abomasnow with a Signal Beam square in the chest. Excited to have a bit of fun with her moves, Kimball created a big heart-shaped Chocolate and let it explode like a Bomb. Abomasnow looked confused that it had just been attacked with confectionaries. Small pieces of chocolate landed in the snow, laying there for anyone to take a bite if they wanted to.

Abomasnow raised the two sharp icicles on its back into the air and Swaggered at Kimball and Mio. The Pokemon felt their attack power raise as the Abomasnow acknowledged them, but also became rather confused. It had noticed that Rena’s Sap Sipper negated the effects of its Seed Bomb, so tried instead to hit as many targets as it could with Blizzard. Every Pokemon and trainer felt the effect of the freezing cold wind, but Kyle was frozen in place.
There were only so many times Rorik could get lucky. He'd been fortunate in his inexperience up until that point, and Volg's pure skill had allowed them to score some precious hits on Abomasnow, but the scales of destiny had evened and Rorik's luck had ran out. The Professor could only look on as, after a furious Avalanche, his Charizard was buried in a mountain of snow, vanishing from sight completely.

No... I... I have to get him out of there!

Moved by uncharacteristic desperation, the Heimlan prepared to run into the battlefield and dig his friend out. But intervening quickly before his Trainer did something stupid, Guntz stepped in front of Rorik, blocking his path.

"Get out of there! Can't you see what happened? Volg is..."

Shaking his head, the Snorlax bent over and placed a reassuring hand on Rorik's shoulder. It took him a while to understand how on earth Guntz could be so calm, but then he understood - it wasn't that the bear was being heartless, but that he had complete trust in Volg to find a way out of his predicament without Rorik having to endanger himself to rescue the dragon.

"You're... you're right. But how can we?..."

Sensing Rorik's concern, Zyll stepped forward and nudged his leg, grabbing his attention. Then, he motioned his head towards Stahl, giving Rorik an idea.

"That's right! It... it could work!"

Volg might be unable to hear him, but that didn't mean Rorik lacked means to reach his partner. Shouting would do no good, but he could rely on Stahl's Psychic power to link their minds and communicate by telepathy! He hoped...

"Stahl, come closer," he asked the Shiny Starmie. "I need you to try and join my mind and Volg's, see if you can sense him beneath the snow!"

Volg? Volg, can you hear me? You need to break out of there! Show Abomasnow that ice can't stop you, unearth yourself with Blast Burn!!

He unclipped Volg's Ball from his belt, and prepared to spot his friend amidst the chaos that would ensue to recall him. He wouldn't risk his partner's safety any longer - Volg had done a lot, but it was time for a fresh fighter to join the battle and finish what the Charizard started!

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