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Spoiler: show
Kawaii was laser focused on the battle ahead of her. She addressed her closest companion, Frieghya, first. "You can do it! use Psyshock and Psychic." she commanded and the Espeon nodded. From the jewel on her forehead rocks shot out and struck the Buneary , giving it a good shock. Next she seemed to take contol of the normal-type and somehow dealing pain to it at the same time.
The pinkette turned to Erin "You did great, hit 'em with another headbutt and harden in preparation for the next attack."
The Aron nodded and charged forward to butt his opponent with his head and then once the attack hit immediately backed off and closed his eyes.His shell seemed to thicken and become more durable. He was ready to take on anything.
Finally the Female trainer addressed her faithful gaurd-dog. "Keep going Cassie! Two quick Bites will do it." the Herdier barked in affirmation and dug her teeth into her opponent's flank twice more.
Kawaii hoped her pokemon would not get too hurt in this fight. She was also concerned for the safety of the other pokemon. Despite their actions she hoped they could be reformed by good trainers. Maybe even she would would pick one up. She studied her options carefully. Her eyes landed on the Scraggy. He was fiesty but something tingled in the back of her mind. He just needed the right caring touch. She would have to keep an eye on the amount of damage that Erin was doing.
kawaiiconcept: Turning your attention to those fighting closest to you, you call out orders to your Espeon. She nods her acknowledgement and begins to gather psychic energy into her forehead orb, but at the last second the encore flits through her mind. Almost against her will, she fires off a wave of Confusion once more at the Buneary. Just as he did the last two times, the Buneary grips his head through the onslaught, but sticks the pain out to deliver a good one-two Double Hit against the Espeon's side. Now frustrated herself, Frieghya tries to use the Psychic you issued, but one final time falls victim to the encore. Another Confusion shoots out of her forehead orb, gripping the rabbit in psychic pain. This time, it really seems to get to the Buneary as he grips both ears tightly with a cry, pulling them down as if trying to block out some noise you can't hear. It takes longer, but the Buneary finally fights through the mental torture and quickly attacks Frieghya. The Espeon is still standing, but you can visibly see the strain she's under. The Buneary, meanwhile, physically looks like he's right as rain. There is, you can tell, though, a fatigued look in his eyes. He might not be doing as well as he seems on the surface.

Next up you command Erin. Righting himself with a groan, the Aron shakes out his head to regain his bearings. Spotting the Scraggy trying and mostly failing to get up himself, Erin charges forward once more, Headbutting the shedding Pokémon back onto his back. Poor thing just can't seem to get a break. Erin then turns to retreat to a safer distance and prep his defense, but - catching a break of luck - the Scraggy manages to swipe a Feint Attack at the Aron's side as he leaves. Outside of melee range, Erin turns his focus inward as his protective armor Hardens with a metallic sheen. His focus wanders moments later, as a righted Scraggy starts Swaggering forward while yelling. You, yourself, don't understand what's being said, but Erin hears it perfectly. Quickly his mind slips into a deep rage at the quite rude slights against you and your team. It might just be for the best you don't understand. In comparison to Frieghya and the Poochyena, Erin and the Scraggy have reversed the standings. Erin honestly looks better than he started, minus a few scratches and the angry confusion fogging his sight. The Scraggy, meanwhile, seems to be on his last legs. If you wanted to try something now would be the time.

Lastly you have the dog fight. Perched atop Cassie's back, the Poochyena permits himself a touch of gloating, aiming a Bite at the larger dog's shoulder blade between taunting nips. The Herdier yowls out, lunging to the side, and managing to throw the Poochyena down to the ground. Taking the opportunity, Cassie rushes forward with a Bite of her own, slipping around the Poochyena's ineffective paw swipes. Glaring, the Poochyena aims a bite right for Cassie's jugular, purple haze of Poison setting the canine's Fangs aglow. Cassie, instincts recognizing the attack's intent, moves just in time for the bite to hit any vital areas. Nonetheless, the bite still clamps onto Cassie's foreleg, sending a purple sheen of Toxic Poison across the Herdier. Now visibly limping, Cassie fights through the poison to Bite down on the scruff of the Poochyena's neck and toss him. Going down in a pile of limbs, the Poochyena struggles and fails to stand up. He's conscious, but is only barely able to keep fighting - especially against Cassie, who despite the poison and limp only looks slightly worn.

Luckily for the Poochyena, his battle is over. With a faint 'pop', an Abra blinks into existence on the battlefield only a foot away from the flagging hyena Pokémon. Sweeping his gaze over the two still raging battles, the Abra's eyes open in shock at the - to him - sudden fighting. When the Abra's sight flicks to the Poochyena, then Cassie, and finally to you, you see a flicker of annoyance enter his eyes. Before you or Cassie can react, the Abra reaches down and grips ahold of the Poochyena, blinking the two out of existence with another Teleport.

(Cassie has gained 1 level!)

At your side, Annalise seems to have missed the entire appearance and exit of the Abra, still rummaging through her bag. She pulls something out with a smile, which quickly morphs in a frown as she discovers what she's grabbed. Looking up at you, she tosses it your way with a quick "Here, this might help you more than me." Almost fumbling the catch, you discover she's tossed a red capsule of 2 Sitrus Berries, remarkably Poke Ball shaped.

Behind you, a motor still runs.

What would you like to do?

(Declared 3/6: Espeon, Aron, Herdier)
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