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Kawaii watched the events go down with concern in her heart for the Farfetch'd. It dissapeared without warning and the pinkette hoped it was going to be ok. Right now it didn't matter. They had a battle on their hands. Kawaii thought for a moment tallying up the types she was dealing with. First she would have to focus on the Poochyeena, which seemed to be the leader. She looked at Cassie who nodded. Next was the Scrafty, it was the most eager to fight, but Frieghya would be useless. Erin would have to do. The Aron sensed his calling and bounded forward. Lastly was the Buneary. There was only one of her pokemon left anyway. Freighya took her place by the others and waited, her tail swishing.
The female trainer addressed her Herdier first. "Start off with a tackle and bite combo!" she comanded and the normal-type took off toward the Poochyeena. She bowled it over and bit into it's soft flank.
Next she turned to her steel type "Mudslap then headbutt." She ordered and Erin nodded. He remained stationary as ,out of nowhere, a wave of mud slapped his opponent across the face. Then Erin charged forward and headbutted the Scrafty.
Finally Kawaii turned to her Espeon companion "Confusion and Psybeam please." she said and the pscychic type nodded firing two beams from her forehead. The first ment to confuse, the second ment for damage. The first beam bombardedcthe Buneary's senses and made it's head spin. The second infiltrated its thoughts and caused it phsyical pain.
kawaiiconcept: Concerned about the fate of this Farfetch'd, you take in the situation and decide this Poochyena is the Pokémon you should focus on. Commands issued, Cassie bolts forward straight at the smaller canine, ramming into the Poochyena with a reckless Tackle. The two canines go down into a heap of scrambling limbs, each trying to gain purchase on the other. The Poochyena gives a loud Howl as he attempts to push the larger dog off him. He gives a shove, but fails once, giving the Herdier time to snap a quick Bite at the soft meat of the Poochyena's left haunch. The bite Pokémon yowls in pain and uses that anger to shove once more, succeeding in throwing the loyal dog Pokémon a few feet away. With a fierce growl, the Poochyena pounces up onto Cassie's back, returning the favor with a Bite to her front leg.

As the dog fight takes shape, you turn your gaze to the lackey Pokémon, sending Erin after the fight-happy Scraggy. The Scraggy seems particularly thrilled with this match-up, eager to make use of the type advantage. Or, he seems happy, up until a wave of mud slaps him across the jaw. The miniature hoodlum staggers backward, pawing at his eyes as he struggles to see. As he does, the Scraggy reaches down to the dirt, grabbing a handful of sandy dirt in an attack upon the Aron. Unfortunately, blinded as he is, the Scraggy's toss sails right over Erin's head, harmlessly missing. Grinning at this, Erin charges forward, bringing just deserts onto the headbutting Pokémon with a Headbutt of his own. The Scraggy's head whips backwards, momentum tossing the Scraggy backwards rear over teakettle. Prone on the ground, the Scraggy blinks up at Erin, squinting amidst the mud, and successfully takes the Aron by surprise with a Low Kick. Thrown to the side by the kick, Erin now finds himself prone. Looking up, he finds it was only by luck that he didn't ram into one of the nearby trees.

Lastly, you turn to Frieghya. Forced to fight the Buneary by virtue of type matchups and being the last two left, the Espeon nods at your orders. Eyes glowing with psionic energy, Frieghya sends a beam of pure Confusion at the bunny Pokémon. As the beam contacts, the Buneary lurches side to side for a moment, holding his head in pain. The moment passes, though, and quickly the rabbit straightens up, clapping a mocking Encore at the sun Pokémon. To the surprise of both you and your Espeon, just as Frieghya is about to fire her Psybeam, the compulsion washes over her and another Confusion pulses from the orb on her forehead. Again, the Buneary winces with pain, but again just as quickly shakes it off. Glaring at you, Frieghya, and this entire situation it seems, the Buneary then charges forward, taking all his Frustration out on the Eeveelution before she has a chance to dodge out of the way.

As you look over the battle, you see that of the opposing Pokémon the Poochyena and Scraggy both look worse for wear, though the Buneary still looks fresh. Inversely, you see that Cassie and Erin both still are ready for battle. It is only Frieghya that looks rough from that powerful Frustration attack. At your side, you're dimly aware of Annalise having dropped to her knees, rummaging through her bag. She seems to be rather determinedly looking for something, but for what you can't be sure.

Behind you, you still hear a motor running, only a tad fainter.

The battle rages. What shall you do?

(Declared 3/6: Espeon, Aron, Herdier)
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