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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
TheKnightsFury: (Please now reply in Sienna) Clambering down from the boxcar, you're happy that the conductor of this train was amiable towards hitchhikers. It would've been doable, to be sure, to have walked this distance what with your hardy team, but any bit of rest in this long journey is appreciated. As you stretch out beside the car, loosening from the admittedly somewhat cramped travel accommodations, your two companions jump down to join you. Boudicca, your Mudbray, gives off a whinny as she lands on the hard earth nearby. Atalanta, your trusty Rowlett, meanwhile, gives you a nuzzle before perching atop the young jennet's head. Seeing the easy friendship between the two brings a smile to your face, though your expression quickly hardens to something more resolute as your mind turns to your goals here. Though finding a new warrior to join your team would be nice, today your goals tend toward the material things: money and supplies, neither of which you have as much as you'd like. Well, you can't help but think as you make your way through the yard, passing large Machoke helping their trainers lift crates into boxcars, this certainly seems like a place to find work.

Unfortunately, in the freight yard you find yourself in there doesn't seem anyone to approach and inquire about possible opportunities for a traveler such as yourself. From where you walk, to your left you see the aforementioned Machoke, lifting wooden crates marked with a "D" styled to look like a Poke Ball up to their trainers within the boxcar. Across to your right several men and and handful of Aggron assist a crane in loading a large storage container onto a flatbed. Though there are a great many people about, all seem busy with their respective tasks. You've just asked your two Pokémon to keep an eye out for anyone you might be able to help, when a voice yells out behind you.

"Hey, you! Hold it right there!"

Instinctively turning towards the deep voice, you find a large man making his way straight to you. Dark-skinned, tall, and visibly well-built, the man is dressed in much the same way as everyone you've seen thus far: sturdy-looking jeans, a long-sleeved jacket that does nothing to hide his musculature, bright orange safety vest, and a similarly colored hard-hat atop his short greying hair. As he approaches, the man glances down at the clipboard gripped in his right hand – as if ascertaining something written there – before turning his hazel gaze on you.

If you weren't relatively certain this was the yard manager by his stance and demeanor, you definitely are when he opens his mouth again. "All employees are supposed to wear vests and hard-hats in the yard, no exceptions." The man pauses a moment, taking you and your appearance in with a quick up-down glance. His face hardens, obviously unhappy. "Only, you aren't an employee, aren't you." He says this flatly, as if this isn't a question he needs answered. Before you can explain yourself, the man sighs and mutters something to himself in an undertone too low to pick up. Based on his expression though, it doesn't seem to have been anything complimentary. Another sigh, and he straightens up. "Okay, I'm only going to say this once so listen up. If you're some drifter looking for a job or a quick buck, you've gotta go up to the main building and talk to the yardmaster to be vetted. Sorry, pal, but we can't just let any Joe Shmoe off the streets come in here and futz around." The man points behind you, towards a large three-story brick building a fair distance away. Other than its size, to your eye it looks remarkably like all the other industrial buildings you've seen on your journey into the yard. "Just head in there and say you're in look of work; someone will point you in the right direction."

The man looks as if he's going to say something else, but is cut off by a loud bzzt from his waist. He pulls off a handheld transceiver, holding it in front of him as a tinny voice starts speaking. "Hey, McCoy? You got a sec? We got a big problem down on track 5-A. Scott's screwed up the swtich box again and we got two inbound."

Under his breath, the man in front of you mutters, "Damn it Jim, I'm the yard foreman, not a miracle worker." Nevertheless, he speaks back, "On my way. Try not to let things go too FUBAR." In your direction, he points a finger out absentmindedly, already distracted by his new problem. "You, get offical or get the hell out of my yard."

With a nod, his piece said, the foreman turns and hurries off to wherever track 5-A might be, leaving you and your Pokemon unsupervised in the rail yard. Desiring work, at first thought it seems clear that the place to go is this main building. On the other hand, with no guide, there is nothing but your morals stopping you from wandering by yourself in search of someone to help. What will you do?

(Declared Pokemon: Lv.5 Rowlet, Lv.3 Mudbray)
Jayson realized that the yard manager was right, it was incredibly unsafe for him to be getting around without safety gear. He wouldn't only be putting himself at risk, he would also be jeopardising the safety of those around him. It would likely be simple enough for him to find the office and get himself registered, but when McCoy's crackled to life, Jayson was presented with a conundrum. It seemed that a situation had arisen, one that the yard manager himself doubted he could solve. What were the two inbound though? Trains? That seemed likely but perhaps it could have been something else entirely. There wasn't really anything to stop him from aiding the yard manager. Sure, he had just told Jayson off for getting around without safety gear but what was he going to do about it? If he kicked him off site then he could just look for work elsewhere, but if something terrible happened when he had the opportunity to help? That would be devastating.

Wait for a moment for McCoy to get a lead on him, Jayson turned to his Pokemon. "Alright girls, we are going to lend a hand with that situation." Both of Jayson's Pokemon looked a little shocked, not expecting him to go against the yard manager's instructions. "I know you haven't been with me long but you will soon learn that I will do just about anything to help people in need. Now Atalanta I need you to follow that bloke we just met, stick to the air and put your silent flying skills to good use. Boudicca and myself will follow you on foot, when you reach your destination take cover, we need to get a read on the situation before we throw ourselves into the fray."

As the Rowlet took to the air in pursuit of the yard manager, Jayson adjusted the sword on his hip before racing off after her, Boudicca thundering along beside him.

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