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Ever Oasis
I enjoyed the demo an from there knew I wanted it. Was gonna buy the game myself but was given it instead! Up to the point where I formed a full party an took down a boss. Not being able ta full clear dungeons in one go may get annoying cause I'll surely forget what I was missing an what type of party member to bring with to get it lol.

Azure Striker Gunvolt
- 04:34:57
Part fun, part disheartening. Getting hit knocks away your score combo so the benefits to having a 1000+ score in a stage is something I never got ta see. The final boss sucked pretty hard after what was a mostly easy/forgiving rest of the game. Those aspects aside I had fun playing through most of the levels an regular bosses.

Shining Soul II
- 15:02:56
Wellll this was a big improvement overall the already fun original in about every way. Biggest upgrade had ta be the music. It was almost all rather good an easy ta listen to unlike the originals which was almost all bad. New to the sequel are lotsa secrets and even sidequests! Ya can no longer walk through enemy sprites so the old tactic of hit & walk through them and hit from the other side doesn't work no more. This means ya can get cornered more easily but it doesn't affect the difficulty much. The same character build I used in the first game worked here to so I had a pretty easy time all in all.

Puyo Puyo Tetris
- 06:06:39
Simultaneous Puyo + Tetris battles broke my mind lol. They only showed up late in the game but boy could I not keep up with 'em. Luckily the game lets ya up an skip levels while still getting all the story so that was cool! I beat all but 3 levels pre-post-game an had a fun time almost all the way through. Definitely one of the coolest puzzle game around!

Originally Posted by big bad birtha View Post
Ever Oasis
When I first started playing this, I was actually surprised. It was really fun. There was alot to keep me interested, and the developers tried to add some features to remove the tedium from build-your-town type games. The good thing is that the town building is less than half of the game. The rest of it is going out and killing shit and collecting items. The combat is fun. There's also alot of puzzles that require certain town members to solve. I spent the first couple of days enjoying the hell out of myself. Sadly it starts to become really repetitive and tedious. Thankfully it takes until late into the game for the tedium to strike. The water spirit is really cute.
I can see restocking shops and harvesting stuff everyday or so getting on the annoying side so its nice ta see a post like this saying not everythings smooth sailing. Should sting less when I hit such points of the game knowing they were coming.
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