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Kawaii imeadiatly wanted to hug the woman, she could not imagine what it would be like to lose one of her pokemon. She heald out her hand instead "I'm Kawaii." she said before taking a deep breath "I am totally and compleatly willing to help you find your Zourua." she imeadiatly pulled out another pokeball and unleashed it. A flash of light revealed a herdier colored to look like a sheltie. Cassie gave a happy bark and looked ready to go. "With my Herdier and my Espeon, who both have amazing sense of smell, I'm sure we can find your pokemon. Do you have anything belonging to it?" the pinkette asked, ready to get started.
Frieghya nodded to Cassie Hello Cassie.
Cassie looked around "Hey Freighya HEY Erin, where are we?" she asked, the dog-pokemon's tail going so fast it would make a Zebstrika jelous.
Erin shrugged "We are in New Fizz City." he said simply. His conversation with Frieghya dropping his spirits signifigantly.
The heardier nodded [i]"Cool, I can't wait to see what kind of pokemon live here." the dog- pokemon shifted in one spot, eager to get going. "So what are we doing?" she asked,tilting her head curiously.
Frieghya rolled her eyes, this Herdier was very curious and asked way too many questions.We are going to help Kawaii find this woman's missing Zorua. she gestured at the woman with her tail.
Cassie barked happily "Sounds like fun! Let's get going!" she began to pace in circles.
Kawaiiconcept: Overcome with compassion at the thought of losing one of your beloved companions, you fight the urge to draw Annalise into a hug. Instead you introduce yourself, committing to helping this stranger find her Pokémon. A plan immediately coming to you, you bring out your uniquely colored Herdier, Cassie, who begins to run around in energetic circles once caught up to the situation by Frieghya. It seems simple enough to you; between your Espeon and your Herdier, one is sure to catch the scent of this Zorua.

You explain as such to Annalise, asking her for a something that might carry the Zorua, Parker's, scent. Her face scrunches up in thought before an idea visibly hits her. "Yes, I do," she says as she shrugs off her backpack. Setting it on the dirt, Annalise unzips it and slides her handful of posters inside. As soon as her hands are free she opens a new compartment, digging around for a moment. With a soft "Aha!" she pulls out a small stuffed rabbit, lovingly worn from years of play. "This is her favorite toy. It's been with her since she was a baby."

She doesn't let the toy part from her grip, but she does allow Cassie and Frieghya to approach and sniff at the plushie fabric. The two lower their snouts to the ground and begin sniffing around the area of the park. A tense long while passes, until finally Frieghya returns to your side with a mournful shake of her head. She couldn't find anything. Cassie, though, continues sniffing. Suddenly, after only a little while longer, her head springs up with an excited yip. The Herdier gives a quick look in your direction and nods excitedly. She found a trail!

Beside you, Annalise lets out a short gasp. You turn to see she's clamped a hand over her mouth, a hesitant look of hope entering her gaze. She turns to thank you, but before she can utter out more than the first word Cassie bounds off, determinedly following the scent. Annalise immediately takes off after the Herdier, you and your Pokémon following only a moment later. Cassie leads you off the path towards a thicket of trees, slowing your progress enough that even Erin on her tiny legs can keep up.

Shrubbery streams past as your group runs ahead, until finally you round a final tree and find yourselves on the edge of the park. Ahead to your right, a fence separates the park you're still in from the street, where cars zip past in an inconsistent pattern. You continue forward, only to suddenly stop to prevent yourself from trotting over Cassie. Your Herdier has suddenly stopped, posed in a classic pointer's stance out away from the park. You line yourself with her gaze, and see she's pointed right towards a small alley, just barely wide enough to fit a single vehicle amidst the dumpsters and trash cans. As you look closer, you find there is a vehicle parked a short jaunt from the alley mouth. A large white van with its rear doors facing you, you see no distinguishing marks but a small logo on one of the doors. It's hard to make out at this distance, especially the words, but the picture itself seems to be of a Mr. Mime seated at a baby grand piano.

Annalise joins you. Spotting the van as well, she asks aloud, "A van? Is she trying to say Parker's-" Again, though, before she can continue any further Annalise is interrupted. Instead of by any of your Pokémon, however, the interruption comes in the sounds of a scuffle starting behind you. You turn, and see a small gathering of five Pokémon about twenty feet away. Four of them - a Scraggy, a Buneary, a Poochyena, and an Abra - have encircled the fifth, a Farfetch'd, against a tree trunk. The wild duck Pokémon looks anxious, but it's only when the Scraggy bursts into action do you understand why. The shedding Pokémon lunges forward in a blur of motion, grabbing the Farfetch'd head with his grip and ramming it with a powerful headbutt. The duck instantly crumples to the ground with a squawk, and before you, Annalise, or any of your Pokémon can react, the Abra reaches down to grabs one of the Farfetch'd's wings. Holding tightly, the psychic-type blinks out of existence with a Teleport taking its captive with it.

Annalise lets out a cry, pointing not at the antagonistic Scraggy to your surprise but the Poochyena. A scruffy-looking thing, you see patches of brown in its otherwise grey fur. "That Poochyena, I recognize that fur! That was the one Parker went off to play with!"

Hearing her shout, said Poochyena turns and spots your group. Growing wide-eyed at the sight of witnesses, the bite Pokémon growls threateningly but stands her ground. The Scraggy and Buneary turn at their companion's snarl and upon seeing you visibly ready for a fight, the Scraggy excitedly cracking his knuckles and the Buneary resignedly shrugging.

Behind you, you hear a motor starting.

What will you do?

(Declared: Espeon, Aron, Herdier)
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