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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post

Kawaiiconcept: As the fog clears from your mind, the decision in front of you seems crystal clear. Jumping up from your prone position, you race after the woman, your Pokémon right on your heels. With her head start, the woman reaches the bottom of your small hill before you are able to stop her. As you ask your question, she seems taken aback by your interest. You get the impression she'd been generally brushed off until now.

With a blink of surprise, the woman nods a yes. "Yeah, my Zorua, Parker. She disappeared just about a week ago. We were here actually, in the park, and she just... She wandered off, to play with a Poochyena, and didn't come back. I tried telling people - like my brother with the police - that something's happened to her, but no one believes me. They just think she's run off." Once she started talking, the floodgates seem to release and she can't stop. Her words grow faster and more strung together the longer she speaks. "Which, she's wondered off before, yeah, but she's never been gone this long and never like this. Usually she just goes out in the night and is back the next day or the day after. So I know that something bad has happened to her or someone's taken her or worse, and I've been putting up posters in case someone's seen her or anything but no one has and-"

Suddenly, she cuts herself off, a deep blush coloring her fair complexion as she realizes her rambling. She turns her gaze down to the ground, obviously embarrassed at her outburst. "I'm sorry. You probably don't care about all that." She pauses again, another thought having struck her. Somehow, her cheeks manage to further redden. "My name is Annalise, by the way."

She trails off, giving you the chance to respond. What will you say?

(Declared: Espeon, Aron)

Kawaii imeadiatly wanted to hug the woman, she could not imagine what it would be like to lose one of her pokemon. She heald out her hand instead "I'm Kawaii." she said before taking a deep breath "I am totally and compleatly willing to help you find your Zourua." she imeadiatly pulled out another pokeball and unleashed it. A flash of light revealed a herdier colored to look like a sheltie. Cassie gave a happy bark and looked ready to go. "With my Herdier and my Espeon, who both have amazing sense of smell, I'm sure we can find your pokemon. Do you have anything belonging to it?" the pinkette asked, ready to get started.
Frieghya nodded to Cassie Hello Cassie.
Cassie looked around "Hey Freighya HEY Erin, where are we?" she asked, the dog-pokemon's tail going so fast it would make a Zebstrika jelous.
Erin shrugged "We are in New Fizz City." he said simply. His conversation with Frieghya dropping his spirits signifigantly.
The heardier nodded [i]"Cool, I can't wait to see what kind of pokemon live here." the dog- pokemon shifted in one spot, eager to get going. "So what are we doing?" she asked,tilting her head curiously.
Frieghya rolled her eyes, this Herdier was very curious and asked way too many questions.We are going to help Kawaii find this woman's missing Zorua. she gestured at the woman with her tail.
Cassie barked happily "Sounds like fun! Let's get going!" she began to pace in circles.

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