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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
Heather: (Please now reply in Gold) For those thirsting for adventure, a power plant might not necessarily be one's first choice. In particular, the Fizzitopian Power Plant seems an especially strange choice, what with its surprising record. Boasting fifty-plus years without a major outage in operation, there doesn't seem anything particularly exciting about a trip there. Nevertheless, with a passion for electric-types and a strong disregard towards other's expectations of you, this power plant seems the perfect place to go poke around for an adventure. Or, you know, at least maybe a new companion.

With your longtime partner, Grace, on your shoulder and your newer companion, Danni, asleep in your arms, you find yourself walking alongside the road up towards the Power Plant. Nestled on a shallow plateau with craggy, mountainous terrain on either side from your perspective, the Power Plant seems to be a bit of a misnomer. No, it seems less a singular plant and more a sprawling compound. At the front, just beyond a large parking lot dotted with vehicles, a tall stone building rests. Even from your distance you can tell that it is big, easily larger than a respectably sized warehouse and three, maybe four stories high - and it is not even the tallest you can see. Looming behind this first building, like the giant over Jack, a secondary building stands. If the first was three stories, this must be twice that. In their distance, details on the exteriors are hard to make out, but from what you can see they both are a plain white color. The foremost has windows along each floor. Behind it, the larger building is only periodically dotted with windows, leaving large swatches of blank stone.

Crossing onto the parking lot, you can see that a tall chain fence shoots off in both directions from the front building towards the mountainous crags surrounding the compound. Signs warning of high voltage beyond hang from the fence at regular intervals, and as you near the building you can see that several yards past the first fence another lines the compound. It seems they are very conscious about restricted area here. Probably for the best, as just beyond the second set of fencing several tall pylons jut out into the sky, trailing power lines away from the plant and down to the city below. Past these pylons and the giant of a building, in the far distance a few more buildings lie, much smaller but the same plain design of the one now directly in front of you.

You reach the front entrance, stopping the argument with Grace, reassuring her that Danni is fine to be with you on this potential adventure. Upon Grace's enquire to snoop around, you decide that the best approach would be direct. You wouldn't want to be considered a trespasser, after all. Just as well, since while it probably wouldn't be impossible, sneaking out into the compound unsupervised would definitely be a difficult endeavor.

As you step in front of the entrance, two large glass doors slide open for you, bringing with them the sweet breeze of inside air conditioning escaping out into the hot midday heat. Though she doesn't wake, Danni gives a little shift in your arms with a pleased sigh at the temperature change. Stepping into the building, you find yourself in what you imagine might be a lobby. To your immediate right is a long L-shaped counter, behind which a receptionist sits apparently bored as she twirls a strand of hair around her finger absentmindedly. Straight ahead a flat screen TV rests against the wall cycling currently through a presentation over the Plant facilities. Underneath this TV and to the left you see a seating area of rather comfortable looking circular couches, arranged in almost a full circle and currently occupied by a large group of people of mixed age and gender. Some are talking amongst themselves, though just as many are sitting quietly on their phones or other such devices. Further left, the room opens into a large open space. It seems to be an educational area maybe? The large model of what somewhat resembles what you've seen of the compound suggests so. Lastly, just beyond the opening of a small hall currently out of your sight, a pair of sliding glass doors just like what you stepped through holds open, allowing an older gentleman out from... a gift shop?

Now inside the Power Plant, or at least the foremost building of it, you find yourself with a decision to make. This facility seems fairly welcoming to visitors, if the gift shop is any indication, but if you still wished to introduce yourself the receptionist certainly doesn't seem busy. Or perhaps, you might approach this group of people introduce yourself to them. Or even still you might venture over to the educational area, learn more about the plant? Admittedly, beyond its stellar reputation and the general knowledge that electric-types gather here, you don't really know much of how this plant operates. And of course, there is always the gift shop. Spend some money, get some souvenirs. Who knows what you might find in there.

The decision is yours. What will you do?

(Declared Pokémon: Lv.5 Emolga, Lv.1 Alola Vulpix)
Heather looked around at the interior of this foremost building. This was...not what she had expected, to be honest. What she'd heard of the power plants in Kanto and Kalos had indicated that the immediate, public area would have a lot more Pokémon hanging out, so she hadn't expected something quite so orderly, even despite this plant's perfect record. Granted, that was probably due to the locale of each, rather than their nature as such facilities, so perhaps Heather's own expectations had been rather half-baked. Either way, this was shaping up to be more of a casual day out on the town than an adventure, and that was disappointing to say the least. Heather was eager to build a team, after all.

"You really didn't think this through, did you?" Grace said, noticing Heather's expression as they entered the building.

"I'll admit my expectations might have been a bit different, yes." Heather retorted as she continued to survey the area. Finally, her eyes settled on a place, and an idea sparked in her mind. "Buuuuut, we can possibly still salvage this one. Maybe." Heather said, walking over towards the seeming educational area. "If they're talking about the plant here...perhaps they have a tour or two we might make use of, if you know what I mean!" she added, with an incorrigible grin on her face. Clearly, to her, this plan was just about flawless, even if in reality it was based on several unreliable assumptions.

"I thought we weren't looking for trouble here..." the Emolga huffed, rolling her eyes.

"I'm not! I'm just going through the proper channels to hopefully get better access!" Heather protested, only prompting further eyerolling, which Heather ignored as she continued walking. "Let's see what we can find!" she said optimistically, hoping this wouldn't turn out to be a complete bust.
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