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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
New Fizz City
The Greater Fizzby Metropolitan Zone

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Newly renamed after the turmoil that gripped the region had settled, New Fizz City shines as a beacon of the region’s new future. Sprawling for miles across the land and stretching up into the sky, New Fizz City is truly the pinnacle of a metropolis. In this city that never sleeps, there’s so much to do and see you’d be hard-pressed to have a boring time.

New Fizz City Outskirts

The Fizzby Railyard: The centralized hub for all railway activity on this side of the region, the Fizzby Railyard does on land what the Harbor does for the sea. Though all tracks are kept clear of Pokémon for the safety of everyone, many steel-types still like to hang around the yard wherever they can.
Jayson hopped off the train, happy to have hitched a ride to his destination this time instead of having to travel on foot like usual. His long term solution to foot travel hopped off next to him, Boudicca the Mudbray let out a whinny as she landed heavily on the compact earth. Atalanta the Rowlett nuzzled into Jayson's neck before fluttering down to land atop Boudicca's head, a strong friendship had begun to blossom between the two. Jayson looked around the railyard, there was definitely plenty going on. Workers loaded cargo and worked on track and train, some even aided by their own Pokemon. Still fairly fresh in his journey around this new region, Jayson had whims for more Pokemon. He wished to see his numbers swell with more Pokemon with the hearts of warriors, those that were eager to fight and adventure.

However he needed more than just Pokemon, he needed money and items as well. His purse was lighter than he would like and his bag was still all but empty. Some hard work would hopefully see both gain weight, surely there was some work around here for a fresh body like his. Boudicca and Atalanta could also use some time to strengthen themselves, both still rather inexperienced but also eager to prove themselves.

Jayson made his way through the railyard, his Pokemon trailing close behind. Most of the other people in the area seemed busy doing their own work, none of them stuck out as someone he could ask for work.

"Keep your eyes peeled girls, maybe we will run into someone we can help."
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