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New Fizz City: The Metropolitan Zone

New Fizz City
The Greater Fizzby Metropolitan Zone

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Newly renamed after the turmoil that gripped the region had settled, New Fizz City shines as a beacon of the region’s new future. Sprawling for miles across the land and stretching up into the sky, New Fizz City is truly the pinnacle of a metropolis. In this city that never sleeps, there’s so much to do and see you’d be hard-pressed to have a boring time.

Downtown – The Business & Entertainment Districts

The Municipal Plaza: Located right at the heart of the city, the Municipal Plaza holds many of the buildings necessary for a city to run, among them the main Municipal Building – home to the Mayor of New Fizz City, Jules Brown – and the central police headquarters. Additionally, at the center of the plaza is the Fizzygarden Park, a popular gathering point among trainers and tourists alike. Like much of the city urban Pokémon are common, though in the Park a much larger variety is also found.

High Street: Coming off of the Municipal Plaza, High Street is the best place to shop in the entire city. Lined with stores as far as the eye can see, if you’re looking for something you can bet that someplace here has it. Even if you don’t have a goal in mind, something is sure to catch your attention when strolling down High Street. Typically, trainer owned Pokémon are more common than any wild ones on High Street, though there’s always a chance you might find a stray creature down one of the many alleys that branch off from the street.

Knowledge Square: On the edge between the suburbs and downtown, Knowledge Square exists as the premier gathering point of academics and anyone interested in learning something new. Across the several blocks of Knowledge Square several popular museums exist, including the famed Fizzby Metropolitan Art Museum. If books are more your cup of tea, then you might rather visit the New Fizz Public Library – one of the largest libraries in the region – or possibly tour the University of Fizzy Bubbles. Lastly, at the heart of Knowledge Square sits the Pokémon Research Centre, where several famous professors and academics gather to share studies and give lectures. If you’re lucky, some might even be looking for some research help.

The Unofficial NFC Gym: Though no official gym circuit exists in the region, that has not stopped trainers of all strengths from gathering at the Unofficial NFC Gym. With tourneys going on all the time, if battles are what you’re looking for, this is the place to be. Wild Pokémon aren’t terribly common around the gym, though if one is found you can bet it is one looking to get stronger.

Nightlife Row: Living up to its name, Nightlife Row is the place to be – and party at – when the sky grows dark. In the day, however, Nightlife Row tends to house a much different and generally seedier clientele. Be careful if on your own, because you never know what kind of deals might be going down in Nightlife Row.

The Harbor District

Fizzby Harbor: A main port of trade in the region, Fizzby Harbor always has a few ships docked at any given time. Most are here for business, but if you ask around you might just find a captain or two willing to take some extra crew members aboard for jobs or for a sightseeing tour (just watch out for the SS. Finneon; it has a habit of getting lost even on simple three hour tours!).

Fishing Cove: At the junction between the harbor and beach lies a small out of the way cove. The locals and visitors alike swear that this might just be the holy grail of fishing sites, leading to its name: Fishing Cove. If you want a calm area to just fish and relax, this is the place for you. And don’t forget to record your catches! The fish hut nestled back in the cove is always giving out prizes for the biggest or best catch of the day.

Bubbling Beach: The main tourist draw of the harbor district, Bubbling Beach’s undersea vents leave the waters bubbly, but not chaotic enough that swimming becomes impossible. Popular among families, the Bubbling Beach Boardwalk is also generally busy, but with ever changing attractions and events, there’s always a reason to come back. Like much of the harbor, water-types and other Pokémon who love the sea tend to congregate.

Treasure Island: Located a few miles off the harbor’s coast, Treasure Island has become something of a legend amongst both NFC’s residents and the visiting sailors. On the surface, items frequently wash up with the tide. Legends say though of a great treasure hidden somewhere in the caves beneath. No one’s found it yet, but if you’re lucky enough, the legends about this island might just be right. Another thing of note about the island is its high leveled Pokémon of varying species, unusually so for the city. Some think this lends to the treasure theory, though others just think the Pokémon here are of a tougher breed than those in the city.

New Fizz City Outskirts

Fizzitopian Power Plant: Situated on the far outskirts of the city, the Fizzitopian Power Plant provides power not only for New Fizz City but much of the surrounding areas. Operated by skilled technicians and a loyal and well-kept troop of Voltorb and Electrode, this Power Plant is happy to say that it hasn’t had an outage in over fifty years. Many electric Pokémon are found here, mooching off the excess electricity and sometimes even pitching in themselves. Additionally, certain Pokémon needing electromagnetic influence to evolve have been recently reported to do so on and near the Power Plant grounds.

The Fizzby Railyard: The centralized hub for all railway activity on this side of the region, the Fizzby Railyard does on land what the Harbor does for the sea. Though all tracks are kept clear of Pokémon for the safety of everyone, many steel-types still like to hang around the yard wherever they can.

Bullarum Industrial Complex: Situated with the Harbor on one side and the Railyard on the other, the Bullarum Industrial Complex is in the perfect place for shipping and trading. Styled after the Virbank Complex in Unova, the Bullarum Complex specializes in oil refinery and distribution, though warehousing is an equally important part of the Complex’s business. Much like the Railyard, steel-types tend to gather here though fire-types and poison-types are also common. Additionally, ice-types love to gather at the cold-storage warehouses scattered around the complex.

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