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Originally Posted by Allishinca View Post
In order to make searching for a desired Pokemon easier,
I recommend sorting it alphabetically by Pokemon's name
as demonstrated here:

Deerling Lv. 12 offered by Allishinca
Duskull Lv. 1 offered by biggggg5
Purrloin Lv. 1 offered by Meetan
Stunfisk Lv. 1 offered by biggggg5

Since we probably will never have a very large list of Pokemon up for Trade,
how about we keep the format you've used, but alphabetize it by username:

Deerling Lv. 12

Duskull Lv. 1
Stunfisk Lv. 1

Purrloin Lv. 1

Either way, I end up on top! Hehe.
Nah, don't mind me. I tend to get really obsessed with forum post aesthetics.
(It's part of the curse of being an art major!)

Anyway, this is a great idea, Kaisap!
May I post whimage here?
I'll put the list in alphabetical order by username and add the gender symbols.

Also, whimages at your own risk. You never know when that whimage backfires at you~!
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