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He ruled out returning this year awhile ago, so sadly we won't get to see the Celtics at full power this season. That said, I still think the Celtics can really give the Cavs a run for their money. I just don't think that it'll be enough. Like you said LeBron is somehow playing some of the best basketball of his career, and Isaiah Thomas isn't even back yet. He's targeting a return by the beginning of April, I heard. That gives him about a few weeks to shake off the rust before the playoffs start, and I'd be hella scared of the Cavs in the playoffs. I think the Celtics take them to 7 games in the ECF, but ultimately Cavs go to the Finals again.


Hold up. I think you're absolutely disrespecting the Rockets here. When Chris Paul and James Harden are in the lineup together, they are craaaaazy good. Their offense is nuts as always but the difference this year is that they have great defense too! Chris Paul has always been good, but you throw in PJ Tucker, Mbah a Moute, Trevor Ariza... they have capable wing defenders! And then Clint Capela is doing a fantastic defensive job as well as Chris Paul turning him into DeAndre Jordan Mk. 2 on the offensive end. And they stilll have Eric Gordon. The Rockets are a legit team, and Harden is absolutely the front runner for MVP. It sucks for LeBron, because as said before he's playing elite basketball, but for me it has to be Harden so far this year.

EDIT: To go along with what Rhee was saying, I definitely still favor the Warriors in a 7-game series over the Rockets. They probably take 6 or 7 games to close it out, but they do it. And then we get Warriors vs. Cavs for the fourth year in a row lol
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