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I present to you the zone Big and myself have been collaborating on for a while. It is quite extensive and would grow over time as well. We've agreed to allow anyone to ZA here.

Where Nostalgia Reigns Supreme

The legacy of a trillionaire entrepreneur, not willing to leave his fortune to his undeserving offspring, Region World is the ultimate nostalgia experience for trainers and tourists. Built off a peninsula in the far south of Fizzytopia, Region World branches out into a cluster of nearby islands, each completely remodeled to pay tribute to the multiple regions that make up the Pokemon World. Entry is free, as it was Marcus Harmond’s, the park’s creator, dying wish that all could enjoy his legacy.

Region City is the starting place for all new entrants, giving them a taste of what they will encounter before they venture out to the islands. The city boasts an almost complete Pokemon Zoo, containing almost every Pokemon from every region. A research facility keeps the park on top of the latest in Pokemon research and investigation. Perhaps the key feature of Region city however is the Exhibition Stadium, where worthy trainers can challenge holographic gym leaders and elite 4 members in front of a roaring crowd. Region City is also the base for the Healer’s guild, who travel around the islands to ensure all Pokemon, both wild and captured are kept in good health.

From the docks in Region City, trainers can branch out to the nearby islands. Kanjohto Island encapsulates the Kanto and Johto regions. Holola Island embraces the tropical surrounds of the Hoenn and Alola regions. Kalnoh Island takes its influence from the Kalos and Sinnoh regions. Finally, Uno*** Island is currently under construction, however travelers are still able to access parts of the island which bare resemblance to the Unova region.

Region City
Trainers enter the city via a long road, lined with statues of legendary Pokemon from every region. After registering at the main gate, trainers are encouraged to explore the city before heading to the docks and seeking passage to the islands.

Exhibition Stadium: Trainer’s who have been awarded a Holo Ticket as a reward for exploring and helping out around the park may cash them in at the Exhibition Stadium. Surrounded by a roaring crowd, trainer’s can select a Holo Gym Leader to duke it out with. If successful, Trainers will unlock the ability to challenge Holo Elite 4 members and from there they can unlock the ultimate challenge, Holo Champions!

Regional Zoo: It took a legion of trainers and breeders, but thanks to their hard work, Region World now boasts the best Pokemon Zoo in the world. Trainers and tourists alike enjoy seeing their favourite Pokemon up close, the Pokemon are well cared for and kept in enclosures modelled to their specific needs. The zoo is always looking for trainers to assist them, whether it be helping with feeding, renovating enclosures or assisting with breeding programs.

Region World Research Facility: A cutting edge research facility keeps Region World on top of everything Pokemon and Tech related. The research facility is responsible for the maintenance and programming of the Holo Trainers and Pokemon and are often seeking tech savvy trainer’s to assist them. They also conduct fossil revival procedures and conduct regular Pokemon experiments, all of which require volunteer assistance.

The Healer’s Guild: With so many trainer’s in one place, Pokemon are going to get hurt or injured. Thankfully the Healer’s Guild was established, to help heal and treat Pokemon injured during battle, as well as those that get sick or rundown. The healer’s travel around the islands, but are often stretched thin. For this reason they have recently set up an apprenticeship program, to give trainer’s an opportunity to learn from some of the best in Pokemon healing.

The Docks: From here trainers and tourists can hitch a ride to the nearby islands, however trainers with Pokemon large enough to ride are welcome to Fly or Surf. Merchants often set up at the docks, selling delicacies from various regions.

Kanjohto Island: Sporting landmarks from both the Kanto and Johto region, Kanjohto Island seems the most popular of the islands. Many Pokemon from the Kanto and Johto regions can be found here, mostly choosing to participate in single battles. The same goes for trainers here, most choosing to embrace the nostalgia and stick with the classic 1v1 battle format.

Vermillion City: Ships dock at Vermillion City, for those that have seen the real thing, the resemblance is uncanny. A lot of the original buildings have been repurposed to accommodate the multitude of shops, construction still seems to be going on, with the foundations of another building still being established….

Lavender Tower: Right alongside Vermillion city is a perfect reconstruction of Lavender Tower, right down to the last headstone. Tourists are often seen leaving tribute to their long lost Pokemon, while further up one may find themselves coming face to face with a ghost or two. Thankfully there are plenty of Silph Scopes on hand!

The Power Plant: On the opposite side of the city to Lavender Tower is the Power Plant. Now conveniently located alongside the city known for its Electric Gym, the Power Plant is a hot spot for Electric and Steel Pokemon. The strong electrical force has been known to induce evolution in some Pokemon.

Viridian Forest: North of Vermillion City, a recreation of Viridian Forest has tourists rushing through the trees, encounter plenty of Pokemon and trainers! It would be best to avoid the forest if you dislike Bug Pokemon, because it is crawling with them. A certain yellow Pokemon is also commonly sort after here, however they have become quite allusive.

Mt. Moon: The forest gives way to the memorable Mt. Moon and If you didn’t bring any repels with you, you’re sure to regret it. Pumped full of Zubats, this cave system is a must experience. Thankfully the way through is well lit, but there are plenty of trainers and Pokemon waiting inside to cut your journey short.

The Lake of Rage: Those that make it through Mt. Moon or those that choose to skirt around the mountain to the far side of the island, will be met by the great expanse that is the Lake of Rage. Swimming isn’t encourage, due to the presence of multiple Gyarados in the lake, those that search may even spot an extra special one.

Glitter Lighthouse: Set on the far side of the lake, nestled on the shoreline is a perfect copy of Glitter Lighthouse. Like the original, the Light House is powered by an Ampharos that is constantly getting sick and in need of assistance.

Ecruteak Towers: Tucked into the forest surrounding the Lake of Rage, the Burned Tower and Bell Tower stand side by side like the do in the real Ecruteak city. Although it was burnt on purpose, the Burned Tower looks remarkably similar to the real thing. Looming over it is the Bell Tower, which tourists often scale to get an astonishing view of the island.

Holola Island: The ultimate tropical getaway, Holola Island is the perfect blend of Hoenn and Alola regions. Pokemon from these two regions are plentiful here, however caution must be taken as Pokemon are often seen calling for help! Spread out around the island are multiple totems, guarded by powerful Totem Pokemon. Trainers on this island tend to favour double battles, however Battle Royals are also popular with a couple of wrestling rings featured around the island.

Malie City: Boats dock at Malie City, where trainers can check out the range of shops as well as the library. Many urban Pokemon roam the streets, however most of the Pokemon found here reside in the Malie Gardens. The gardens are a perfect recreation of the original, with one exception. A large wrestling ring is the new centerpiece of the garden and crowds normally flock in to watch the competitors. Heading out of the city, trainers and tourists come to a crossroads.

Mt Chimney: Continuing straight through from Malie City, travellers will find themselves quickly ascend a rough mountain path that quickly ascends up towards the clouds. Those who reach the top will find themselves staring into a lake of bubbling lava, much similar to the real Mt Chimney in the Hoenn region. A large totem can be found here, those brave enough to challenge the Totem Pokemon had best be equipped to handle the heat. An even steeper path leads down to the far side of the island.

Lush Jungle: Heading left out of Malie City, tourists are often astonished as a Lush Jungle springs up around them. Dark and damp in the undergrowth, the path is often obscured, meaning trainers are forced to look for alternate routes. A Moss Rock can be found deep in the Jungle, as can another Totem. Trainers can challenge the Totem Pokemon, however they better have their wits about them if they’re going to stand a chance against the king of the jungle.

Meteor Falls: Those that take a right out of Malie City will find themselves following a path to the stunning Meteor Falls. The path cuts through Mt Chimney and is a popular spot among trainers. Stick to the path or explore the cave, however the deeper reaches of the cave cannot be accessed unless your capable of overcoming the waterfalls. Two Totems can be found here. One is just off the main path, while the other is hidden deep within the falls.

Heahea Beach: This stunning beach is the reward for travelling to the far side of the island. A small hut set up near the beach gives tourists and trainers access to rideable Matine, used to surf the giant waves that bombard the beach. Another wrestling ring is set up here on Heahea Beach, with trainers taking a break from the surf to participate in the Battle Royal. A Totem is also set in the sand, polished smooth by the sand and waves. Trainers should be cautious, as a misstep against the Totem Pokemon would surely lead to a wipeout!

Mossdeep Space Center: Built just off the beach, the Space Center isn’t just a recreation of the original, it is a working space center! Word is they are nearing their first launch, so they would certainly enjoy the assistance of any tech savvy travellers.

Dimensional Research Lab: Right next door to the Space Center, the Dimensional Research Lab has been built to monitor space-time and the ultra dimension. Strangely, ever since they set up there has been increased occurrences of abnormalities in space-time.

Kalnoh Island: Kalnoh Island combines the beautiful natural and man-made landmarks from both the Kalos and Sinnoh regions. Many species native to these two regions are found here, often seen living and fighting in hordes. Contest battles are popular on this island, although trainers participate in a range of different battle formats.

Snowpoint City: Boats dock at Snowpoint City, which is permanently covered in a thick blanket of snow. Although the city is only small, it is home to Snowpoint Temple, a must visit for any traveler. The surrounding snowfields are filled with trainers and Pokemon, all looking to keep themselves warm with heated battles. An Ice Rock can also be found deep within the snowfields.

Mt Coronet: The main path out of Snowpoint City leads to Mt Coronet, the gigantic mountain looms over the entire island. Those that believe they have the stamina may hike to the top, where it is said that one may enter the Distortion World. Alternatively travelers may seek access to the underground, courtesy of a shop that supplies tourists with Explorer Kits.

Distortion World: Those that manage to reach the peak of Mt Coronet have the option to access the Distortion World. Region World’s elite scientists have somehow manage to gain access to the alternate dimension, which completely ignores the laws of physics. Research has revealed the power of the Distortion World has been increasing, causing Type Effectiveness to be reversed here.

The Underground: The underground is filled with precious treasures and resources, however it is also filled with traps and puzzles. The underground can also be used to quickly access other parts of the island, although travellers in a rush often find themselves stumbling into traps or wild Pokemon.

Geosenge Town: On the far side of the island is Geosenge Town, the town and its surrounds contain the same strange stone structures as the Kalosian original. The town is full of ancient mysteries and attracts many curious travelers.

Battle Chateau: Relocated alongside Geosenge town, the Battle Chateau is dedicated to contest battles. Loved by tourist and trainers, the Battle Chateau almost always has a battle running and often hosts tournaments with noteworthy prizes.

Reflection Cave: South East of Geosenge Town, Reflection Cave cuts through the southside of Mt Coronet. The reflective mirror-like surfaces are a must see sight, the caves are full of interesting and inquisitive Pokemon, as well as trainers who like to play tricks with the mirrors.

Great Marsh: The Great Marsh takes up part of the east side of the island. The permanently wet bog is home to a vast range of Pokemon. It is best to stick to the paths, as a stray step may leave you up to your neck in mud. A research centre has been built in the middle of the marsh, to help research and protect the Pokemon that live here.

Uno*** Island: Although still under construction, Uno*** island had to be opened ahead of schedule. The eastern side of the island has been walled off, those that have attempted to cross the wall have not been seen again. Despite being unfinished, Uno*** island still manages to capture the beauty of the Unova region. Filled with Pokemon from the Unova region, trainers seem to prefer triple and rotation battles.

Castelia City: Boats arrive at the extensive docks of Castelia City. The massive city looms over tourists, most of the buildings are hotels, however there are still plenty of business set up to cater for the constant flow of tourists. The city contains an extensive underground sewer system, just like the original.

Desert Resort: North of Castelia City is the Desert Resort, where a long winding trail leads through the dunes. The sands are full of Pokemon and trainers, as well as a mystery or two.

Relic Castle: Concealed beneath the shifting sands are the desert ruins. The ruins are filled with relics, but finding a way inside isn’t always easy. Things don’t get any easier once you’re inside, as traps and trainers wait for you at every turn.

Join Avenue: Those looking to cut through the desert or escape the heat normally head for Join Avenue. Just like the original, the shopping centre cross expressway is filled with stalls and people. Plenty of stallholders need assistance and there are even a few spare stalls for those that have services they could offer.

Nimbasa Amusement Park: On the other side of Join Avenue is the Nimbasa Amusement Park, packed full of rides to suit all tastes. The park grows larger all the time as new rides are added. It takes a lot of work to build and maintain the rides and a helping hand is never turned away.
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