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After having a secret midnight meeting with friends just hours ago, Patches was now on her way to the casino, where she must gather information on her own before regrouping. She was shocked to find out about all of the disappearing currencies and Pokemon and even more shocked when she found out that the one place that is still thriving is the casino where she knows one of her Pokemon once lived. Despite the shock however, Patches was as energetic as usual as she jogged down the path leading to the casino. Her Pikachu, Mio, is also along for the ride as she balances herself perfectly on her shoulder. She had originally asked her Eevee Hana if she would like to come along since this casino was once her home but Mio insisted on being the one chosen to accompany her. Mio knows her trainer can be a bit reckless and with how serious this mission is, she wants to be there in hopes of keeping Patches in check.

Finally, they have reached their destination and Patches is now standing outside of the casino doors. She wasn’t nervous at all, she knew that going undercover meant that she couldn’t say out loud why exactly she was there but there was really no reason to act any differently than she normally would anyway. Regardless, she is going to stand out with her bright purple leggings, matching purple headband, light blue hair, bright red framed glasses, and two differently colored eyes. The only thing plain about her was her white blouse and frilly black skirt, but they didn’t do anything to dampen how loud the rest of her appearance was. This is the way she always dressed since she really likes colorful accessories because they match her colorful personality, so she didn’t change it.

Speaking of accessories, after entering through the main doors the first thing Patches sees are the adorable little hats with Jirachi’s on them that the guard Pokemon are wearing. “Awwww!” She squeals and runs up to the Metagross. “Is there a souvenir shop where I can buy one of those adorable hats?” That is when Mio, who is still on her shoulder nudges her on the side of the head with her elbow, reminding her that she isn’t here to buy souvenirs. “Oh, actually never mind!” She gives the Metagross a wave and continues to go deeper into the casino with one goal in mind. ’Okay Cardia, don’t get distracted. You need to find that elevator! Your friends are counting on you.’ As she wanders past the guards she can’t help but wonder if the rest of her friends are already here. The place is so crowded she wouldn’t be able to find them without looking but right now they are supposed to be splitting up so she keeps that in mind and doesn’t wander in too far. She spots her destination quickly, since it’s pretty close to the entrance. “Wow this place really does have an elevator, Mio.” She is so excited, hoping that when she gets to ride it there will be a bunch of other people riding it too since being crammed into an elevator with a bunch of people is the best part of riding the elevator. “I’m going to stand dead center so that I can be as close as possible to everyone.” After approaching the elevator doors she waits for them to open up which doesn’t take very long. After everyone inside clears out she boards the elevator along with the other people who were also waiting and couldn’t resist pressing all of the buttons before taking her place in the center. ’I wonder where this elevator is going to take me.’

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